Aquarius sign:
Crystals and stones ruled by and valuable for the Aquarian soul

"Explore the mystical gems of the Aquarius sign and be transformed forever..."

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Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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1. Aquamarine: Ruler of universal truth and brotherhood, it helps to promote spiritual awareness and service to humanity, therefore aligning the Aquarian soul with the purpose of its earthly experience.

2. Moonstone: A ‘stone of new beginnings,’ ready to help start any new social or humanitarian endeavor.

3. Amethyst: Assists with finding ways for putting ones vision for the future into practice.

4. Blue Celestite: Jump-starts spiritual development and urges one on to enlightenment.

5. Labradorite: An excellent stone for developing your intuition and linking you to universal consciousness. It synthesizes intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom. A stone of transformation, it is a useful crystal to accompany you through change and to facilitate the shift into the Age of Aquarius.

6. Soul Pathway Stones – Fuchsite and Boji Stones: Your soul is on a pathway to evolution for the good of the whole. Holistic Fuchsite is an excellent stone to accompany you on this journey, while Boji Stones resonate to a cause dear to your heart, the brotherhood of humanity. The stones, which some people believe to be alien beings from another planet, keep you on track.


The suggestions above were taken from a book called “The Crystal Zodiac,” written by Judy Hall. The book is full of fascinating facts about varoius gems, stones, and crystals and how each relates to the well-being of it's zodiac ruler. It's a great resource to have at home for moments when you or your partner need that quick 'soulful pick-me-up'!

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