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A North Node in the Aquarius sign of Individuality:
"My soul's path to fulfillment”

A life's mission as seen through the eyes of the Aquarius sign of the zodiac...

An Aquarius sign  North Node is a spiritual individualist

What's your Soul's Path?

What does that mean? Well, before I answer that question, I guess I should first give you the ‘official’ definition of an Aquarius Sign North Node and what that means for the individual who ‘owns’ it.

According to my friend and colleague Linda Brady (excerpt taken from her book: "Discovering Your Soul Mission"...with permission, of course! :-)), a North Node Aquarian is a spiritual individualist. Highly innovative, those with Aquarius as their Soul Potential sign believe in causes that will help them grow spiritually and intellectually.

Considered unconventional, they believe in the future and have the alacrity to change what does not work. Open to new ideas and philosophies, they can draw quick insights with their deep understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection.

They may also be scientific, with an ability to grasp new technology intuitively. Archetypes include:

•the quantum physicist;
•the computer tech/software developer;
•the revolutionary;
•the astrologer.’

Can you relate to the description above?

If yes, good for you! That means that you’ve begun to move toward your soul mission, or in other words, toward your North Node Potential.

If however, you can’t relate to anything that I’ve just said, that’s OK too.

Remember, you may not immediately identify with the description of your North Node because it does not correspond to what’s familiar to you. Rather, it signifies who you need to be and the energies your soul wants you to bring into your life to make it more fulfilling.

Incorporating a Node’s energy into your life is a time-consuming and gradual process that requires a bit of persistence and patience on your part. But believe me when I say that it will be well worth the sweat.

Note: If you’re feeling a bit lost and have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, I strongly recommend that you first take a look at the zodiac compatibility article. I think it's important to go over the basics so that you can get more out of what you’re reading here. Just a suggestion! OH...and if you already read the zodiac compatibility introduction...then skip the suggestion.:-)

The Aquarius sign soul could be the spiritualist, the activist, ot the scientist So...back to your original question – What does having an Aquarius soul mission mean to me?

It depends on the 'me' that you’re talking to at the moment; the Aquarian spiritualist, the Aquarian activist, or the Aquarian scientist. Even though all three Aquarius sign personalities reside within me, each takes its turn being the leader of my self-expression.

However, what's important to understand is that the Aquarian philosophy behind my self-expression has always been, and always will be, holistically integrated in spirit.

I, an Aquarius North Node individual, believe in the new, unknown, and unconventional. I believe in the power of the ‘word.’ I believe in sharing. I believe in unified effort. I believe in mind-over-body. I believe in helping those who cross my path. I believe in individuality within the group.

I believe in life and humanity – people, animals, plants, insects, sun, moon, water, air…all of it. I believe in equality...and most importantly, I believe in the power of love. I believe in the ‘Aquarian way of life’...and that is my philosophy.

I sound as though I have it all figured out, right? Unfortunately, this life philosophy has only been with me for the past seven years. Prior to that time, I was fully immersed in my South Node as most people are.

Have you ever felt as though you’re being pulled toward something that you know no longer satisfies you? If yes, then you know exactly what I’m talking about (once again, if you haven’t already done so, please read the zodiac compatibility introduction before continuing any further. Trust me, I don't say that just to get you to read some more...although that's not such a bad idea either. :-) I want you to look over the introduction because it'll make it easier for you to understand what I'm talking about...and the more you understand, the more you will get out of it!).

As I was saying, seven years ago, I was the perfect depiction of my Leo South Node. I was proud, self-indulgent, status-conscious, and constantly needing applause. I partied, I traveled, and I shopped. I revolved around "MY" world...and that’s the only thing that mattered.

It took one of those ‘harsh, worldly nudges’ to get me going on my spiritual path -- my Aquarian soul mission. Believe me when I say that it was not an easy transition. To this day, I grieve for what life took away from me.

However, that loss does not take away from the eternal gratefulness I feel toward my soul for giving me the opportunity to become the selfless, loving, and compassionate human being I am today.

A retraction from the humanitarian Aquarius sign North Node is to go back to the self-centered Leo sign South Node. The road is not always without bumps.

Now and then, I (an Aquarius sign North Node with a Leo sign South Node) still experience a bit of amnesia -- a retraction from my humanitarian Aquarius sign North Node, back to my self-centered Leo sign South Node.

Yes, once in a while, I even envision being the ‘Queen’ behind the throne (the sign of Leo does represent royalty you know!). It’s not always easy to remember the direction of your life while the rest of life is trying to sway you in the opposite direction. Trust me, I go through my ‘poor me syndromes’ and ‘little childish outbursts’ as much as the next guy.

But, what I do differently from most (with astrology’s help, of course), especially during the rough times, is surround myself with little reminders ( symbols, stones, sounds... ) of my Aquarian soul mission. Reminders that help me realign with my spirit and get back to my individual path.

Each Aquarius sign soul has a variation of the Aquarius mission to fulfill. Each Aquarian soul has a variation of the Aquarius mission to fulfill. However, what still remains true for us all is the energy and progress that we are here to offer the world. We are the welcoming committee for the New Age of Aquarius. We are meant to lift the world to a new level of consciousness and understanding, to change the old and out-dated, and to create a fresh world philosophy for the next 2000 years.

It’s a serious responsibility that must not be taken lightly. And for that reason, when you find yourself getting a little forgetful, I want you to use the little zodiac reminders mentioned above (and a few others that I will introduce shortly in the Aquarius Action Guide) to give yourself a quick reminder. The future lies in YOUR hands!

Now, if your significant other is the one with the Aquarius soul mission, then it will be your job to help him develop and materialize his potential.

You can start by filling his life with the energy of all things ruled by the Aquarius sign. Surround his living space with Aquarius symbols ...feed him Aquarius foods ...take him on Aquarius vacations and fill his life with any other Aquarius Sign trinkets that you can think of. Do anything and everything you can to remind him of and support him on his Aquarian journey. It is one of the greatest things that you could ever do for him – a gift of a true soul-mate!

Now, if you have the desire and will to do that for your mate, good for you. And please don't worry if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, that's perfectly natural.

This stuff is sometimes too much even for the seasoned professional. So I congratulate you for simply being here and having the desire to try.

If you find that you do need a little help, a little help is what I have for you. The spiritual path report can answer most of your questions regarding your mate's personality and would be a great tool to have as you work on supporting his journey from a Leo South Node (soul pattern) to an Aquarius North Node (soul potential).

Having a clear idea of who your partner is on a personality level will make it that much easier to figure out where he's headed on a soul level. Translation: less work for you! ;-)

Once you feel comfortable, and are ready to proceed, take a look at the table below and try to identify the specific Leo sign traits he's trying to leave behind and the Aquarius sign traits that he's trying to master (table below compliments of "Discovering Your Soul Mission", by Linda Brady and Evan St. Lifer):

Leo traits: (old patterns) -------> Aquarius traits: (new possibilities):

• Fearful of aging...................................Humanistic
• Needs attention....................................Individualistic
• Requires applause...............................Values equality
• Demands respect.................................Inventive
• Melodramatic......................................Social activist
• Dictating..............................................Intellectual
• Self-centered.......................................Tolerant
• Vain.....................................................Friendly
• Needs center stage...............................Broad-minded
• Pretentious...........................................Imaginative
• Autocratic............................................Objective
• Conceited............................................Altruistic
• Patronizing..........................................Idealistic
• Disdainful............................................Progressive

If your Aquarius sign partner comes home and tells you that he wants to volunteer in Africa – support him!!! Look over this list and see if you notice any of the Aquarius sign traits peeking through his personality. If you do, then your job will be to support them.

For instance, if he comes home and tells you that he wants to volunteer in Africa – support him. If he decides to study the Kabbalah – support him. If he shares a crazy (crazy to you) idea about his vision for the future of the world – support him. If he thinks of a quirky way of eating cereal – support him.

You get the idea, right? SUPPORT HIM! Once the both of you decide on, learn how to, and commit to doing that for each other, there will be no question in either of your minds that you have found your ‘true’ soul-mate, the soul-mate of your life!

Are you ready to surprise your man in ways he never could have imagined? Want to create an environment where he can flourish? Wonderful!

By utilizing the insights provided below in combination with your own imagination, you will not only succeed in inspiring him, but will also simultaneously reward yourself as well.

Let’s get started!

The North Node in Aquarius Action Guide:

1. Crystals and stones

2. Home design

3. Symbols

4. Foods

5. Aromas

6. Music

7. Countries, Cities, and Colors

I know that after exploring all of these links, you’ll feel a bit overwhelmed. I realize that it’s quite a bit of information to absorb all at once. But I assure you that it will be well worth the effort.

There is one other important point that I’d like to mention, however – something that applies to both you and your partner (depending on which one of you has this nodal position...possibly the both of you).

I initially told you that part of the Aquarius soul mission is to move forward, away from the Leo South Node characteristics. But, that doesn’t mean that the positive Leo traits have to be discarded. It took lifetimes for you to develop the person that’s here today, hard work that shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten.

The key is to fuse the positive traits that you brought with you from the past with the current ambitions reflected by your North Node position. The point is to develop a personality that’s truly integrated. Our past is as much a part of us as our future, so be wise and use all the ‘gifts’ that you’ve accumulated – the world needs ALL of you!

The following is a list of ‘trait combinations’ that I started for you. It combines two positive traits from each sign leading to a holistic integration of both polarities. Now if that’s not an Aquarian signature, I don’t know what is! :-)

I want you to use the words on the list to remind yourself of the type of person you want to become and for harnessing the unique Aquarius mission that you’re here to fulfill.

Please don’t think, however, that this list says it all. I want you to continue adding to it until it describes ALL that you want to become. Once that’s done, you can refer back to it anytime you feel a bit lost or off track.

The road is not always without bumps, so be patient. You WILL become the YOU that you’ve always dreamed of – I have faith in you!

The key is to fuse the aquarius sign positive traits’s the list. You can start by combining within yourself the...

• Aquarius sign of Philanthropy with the Leo sign of Leadership to become the ‘Philanthropic Leader’

• Aquarius sign of Individuality with the Leo sign of Inspiration to become the ‘Inspiring Individualist’

• Aquarius sign of Inventiveness with the Fun-Loving sign of Leo to become the ‘Fun-Loving Inventor’

• Aquarius sign of Tolerance with the Dignified sign of Leo to become the model for ‘Dignified Tolerance’

• Aquarius sign of Friendliness with the Leo sign of Generosity to become the ‘Generous Friend’ to all

• Aquarius sign of Social Activism with the Commanding sign of Leo to become the ‘Commanding Social Activist’

Intellectual Aquarius sign with the Heart-Centered Leo sign and become the ‘Heart-Centered Intellectual’

• Aquarius sign of Idealism with the Leo sign of Exuberance to become the ‘Exuberant Idealist’

Imaginative Aquarius sign with the Leo sign of Leadership to become the ‘Imaginative Leader’

• Aquarius sign of the Truth-Seeker with the Faithful Leo sign to become the ‘Faithful Truth-Seeker’

Progressive Aquarius sign with the Enthusiastic Leo sign to become the ‘Progressive Enthusiast’

Intellectual Aquarius sign with the Expansive Leo sign to become the ‘Expansive Thinker’

Independent Aquarius sign with the Creative Leo sign to become the ‘Independent Creator’

• Aquarius sign of Originality with the Influential sign of Leo to become the ‘Original Influencer’

• Aquarius sign of the Truth-Seeker with the Leo sign of Courage to become the ‘Courageous Truth-Seeker’

The rest of the list is up to you to finish!

Sorry to leave you hanging like that. But in order for me to go deeper into your specific motivations, I need to know your exact birth data. Otherwise, I would be no different than the tabloids – offering you information that that describes not only you, but the other 20 million (I’m guessing) people born under the sign of Aquarius as well. Wouldn’t be too enlightening, would it?!

If you want to learn more about your unique truth, check out the spiritual path report. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Well, that’s it for now.

Remember – "Always nourish the soul...and...RomanceIt!"

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