Drop a Zodiac Penny in the Cosmic Wishing Well of
Love, Hope, and Unity

"One lucky penny and one meaningful intention can make all the difference in the world..."

Dear friends,

I write to you in abundant gratitude and humble appeal.

I feel truly blessed in having found a voice for my soul and your ears willing to consider my words. Your feedback has warmed my heart in more ways than you can imagine. And for that, I deeply thank you!

My greatest wish for all of us is that we relearn how to truly love ourselves based on our own internal truths. Because I believe that once we are able to see the perfection in our own imperfections, we will free ourselves to love in ways that once seemed unfathomable.

That's my wish. But now I want to know yours. Share your wish with the world (or just with me) by dropping a lucky penny in the cosmic wishing well of love, hope, and unity.

...Then close your eyes and make a wish...

It's unlikely the Universe will miss a wish of millions! ;-)

Again, thank you my friends for your kind words and the gift of your lucky pennies. I will use your support wisely to benefit us all.

"Have a soulful journey and never lose faith in yourself!"