Why Zodiac?
"Astrology: Master Teacher of Life, Love, & Happiness"

Zodiac knowledge can offer you 3 priceless Gifts:

Harmony, Connection, and Meaning.

Zodiac sign compatibility: My navigator for life I have chosen astrology as my navigator for life because it is the only scientific discipline that has managed to help me make sense of my life –
me, my relationships, and what I’m doing on this planet.

Astrology has:

• Brought harmony to my chaotic world...

• Connected the scattered dots -- otherwise known as “the life events” -- of my life...

• Created meaning out of my seemingly meaningless life circumstance.

Astrology has allowed me to see my truth, and because of that, I hold on to it tightly as my spiritual, intellectual, and soulful guide.

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However, if you’re still wondering what astrology can do for you, read on.

For starters, insights gained from astrology can help answer many of your life's questions -- both about yourself and those closest to you. Questions such as;


• Where do some of my attitudes about myself come from?

• How can I fulfill my personality’s potential?

• Why am I here?

• What should I do in order to fulfill my destiny?


• How can I become a better communicator?

• What relationships have I created to show me my communication issues?

• What can I improve my family's communication dynamic?


• What kind of home environment do I need in order to feel safe and psychologically balanced in my life?

• What interferes with my ability to experience pleasure?

• What relationships have I created in order to understand myself as a lover?

• What kind of relationships do I need?

• What do I need to learn from the relationships that I create in my life?

Sex, Power, and Obsession:

• What are my attitudes toward sex, money, and emotions?

• How can I transform obsession into personal power and courage?

• What issues from the past could interfere with my sexual life and how can I set myself free?

Personal Philosophy:

• What personal beliefs support or interfere with my life?

• How would I benefit from travel and exploring new cultures?

• How would I benefit from higher education?

Career/Vocation/Life Goals:

• What career roadblocks might I create and how do I overcome them?

• What are my dreams, aspirations, and goals?


• Why have I chosen my friends? What lessons am I to learn from them?

Private Inner World:

• How do I escape from reality?

• What part of me is my hidden enemy?

• How do I keep parts of me hidden from the world?

• What latent talents and gifts do I possess that need to be brought to light and used?

Believe it or not, the questions mentioned above are only a handful of those that astrology can help you answer. But even this small sample holds enough amunition to transform your entire life.

That's why astrology...

Imagine the freedom that awaits you once you have those answers...

Difficult to fathom, isn’t it?

Well, soon you won’t have to imagine. Because if you keep an opened mind and take a chance, you will have the knowledge and the answers you need to create the you, the relationships, and the life that you've always wanted for yourself.

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