Romantic Ideas and Gifts:
“Putting Your Astro-Knowledge to the Test”

"The romantic ideas and gifts on this page are meant to stimulate your imagination and inspire you to celebrate your life and your love."

Test yourself. Take an idea and experiment with your creativity; tailor your chosen plan according to the zodiac knowledge that you’ve already accumulated.

If you're a bit unsure of where to begin, start by refreshing your memory about each of the zodiac signs -- the characteristics of each sign as well as the life elements that are ruled by it. Then, simply use that information together with your own imagination to unleash the dormant heart-energy waiting to enter your life.

Hints and answers will be provided. So don’t sweat it! ;-) Simply enjoy.

red, yellow, blue, and white balloons floating up to the sky

Celebrating Ideas


My painting Love
The birthdays of your love


Aih, aih Captain!
Cooking Lessons


A Day of Bliss
Sing It Baby
Secret Invitations
Show, NOT Tell
Poetic Moments
Quotable Expressions

Daily Tips & Ideas

Avoiding the Routine Rut
Effective Communication

Dressing-Up-and-Pretend Ideas

The Pleasing Geisha
My Living, Breathing, Whispering Flower

Flower Picking Ideas

Flower Names & Meanings
Fragrances & their Meanings

Gift-Giving Ideas

RomanceIt! Model for Gift-Giving
Anniversary Gift Ideas
Birthday Gift Ideas
Inspirational Gifts
Birthday Gifts
Gifts for Him
Gifts for Her

Mouth-Watering Ideas

Seductive Dinner Recipe
International Breakfast Delight

Relaxing-the-Body Ideas

Sensual Massage
Spiritual Bath

Seducing Ideas

Bedroom Talk
Body Language
The Cyber Affair

Book Ideas


Greeting Card Ideas

Music Ideas

Romantic Love Songs
Serene Nature Sounds

Travel Ideas

Adventure-Lover Travel
Water-Lover Travel
Romance-Lover Travel
Nature-Lover Travel
Volunteer-Lover Travel

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