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A North Node in the Capricorn sign of Wisdom:
"My soul's path to fulfillment”

A life's mission as seen through the eyes of the Capricorn sign of the zodiac...

Capricorn sign: greetings for the capricorn man

What's your Soul's Path?

"My soul mission is to be a Capricorn!"

What does that mean? Well, before I answer that question, I guess I should first present the ‘official’ version of the Capricorn North Node position and what it means for the individual who ‘owns’ it.

A Capricorn sign North Node individual is the Spiritual Father According to my friend and colleague Linda Brady, in her book "Discovering Your Soul Mission," a Capricorn sign North Node individual is the Spiritual Father (metaphorically speaking).

Those with a Capricorn Sign soul potential are known for being responsible, sagacious, goal-oriented, loyal, committed, disciplined, and reality based. They value precedent as a learning experience and place high value on maturity and wisdom. They help others see the path to their soul mission and continually make adjustments to succeed at the goals they’ve set. Archetypes include:

• the good father;
• the corporate leader;
• the oak tree.

Can you relate to the description above?

If yes, good for you! That means that you’ve begun to move toward your Capricorn sign soul mission, or in other words, toward your North Node Potential.

If however, you can’t relate to anything I’ve just said, that’s OK too.

Remember, you may not immediately identify with the description of your North Node because it does not correspond to what’s familiar to you. Rather, it signifies who you need to be and the energies your soul wants you to bring into your life to make it more fulfilling.

Incorporating a Node’s energy into your life is a time-consuming and gradual process that requires a bit of persistence and patience. But believe me when I say that it will be well worth the sweat.

Note: If you’re feeling a bit lost and have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, I strongly recommend that you first take a look at the zodiac compatibility article. I think it’s important to go over the basics so that you can get the most out of what you’re reading here. Just a suggestion! OH...if you’ve already read the zodiac compatibility introduction, then skip this suggestion. :-)

Capricorn sign soul mission So...back to your original question – What does having a Capricorn sign soul mission really mean?

Before I tell you that, I would just like to say that since I am an Aquarius North Node individual, my interpretation of the Capricorn sign North Node can only be based on the texts of other scholars and my own intuition. After all, I can’t walk in everybody’s shoes, can I? :-)

I don’t believe, however, that scientific facts are enough. It’s essential to have a personal perspective on the subject that we’re discussing if we are to fully understand and appreciate its abundant significance.

Somehow hearing about someone else’s experiences makes all the difference between vague comprehension and true understanding. Don’t you think? I do.

That’s why I decided to interview a colleague who lives with a Capricorn Sign nodal position. My hope is that by reading about her experience with the Capricorn Sign north node, you will get a better understanding for the way that this same nodal position might play out in your own life.

Don’t forget, however, what I said in the zodiac compatibility introduction – the areas of life (houses of the chart) where the nodes express themselves will vary from person to person (each person’s chart is unique). However, the one thing that will remain the same is the Capricorn energy/ or potential that will be begging for fulfillment in your life.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at ‘Alicia’s answers.

Special Note: My friend asked me to keep her name please forgive the bit of secrecy. :-)

The following is a questionnaire that I sent to my friend ‘Alicia’ who has a Capricorn Sign North Node in the twelfth house (automatically putting her Cancer South Node in the sixth).

I want you to read her answers and see if you can relate to her experiences. If, however you can’t, then at least think about where in your life you’re experiencing a tug-and-pull between your earthy drive for hard work and self-sufficiency and your watery pull toward emotional connection and nurturance.

Questionnaire sent to a Capricorn Sign North Node in the twelfth house (automatically putting her Cancer South Node in the sixth)

North Node Questionnaire:

1. What sign is your North Node in? House?
Capricorn sign in the 12th house -- 7 degrees retrograde.

2. When was the first time that you became consciously aware of your Capricorn Sign North Node? What happened? If you don’t mind me asking how old were you? How old are you now? I am 51. First found out about it when I was 37 or 38. My daughter was an infant and I was going through a divorce. I wanted more than just counseling to help me through. I was and am a strong believer in the metaphysical. I was looking for guidance not only for my life but how to be a good parent, especially as a single parent.

3. What South Node patterns do find difficult to let go of? The feeling of self worth when I put other people’s needs first. It erodes my foundation. I need to have strong boundaries in place to meet my needs on an almost unconscious level.

4. How do you see yourself moving toward your Capricorn Sign North Node? What part of the journey seems to be the most challenging? It is a life long process. I try to focus on my goals, keeping them clear and revising them. The chaos of life keeps pulling me off track, thus the boundaries are so important for me.

5. Are the people in your life supportive of your Capricorn Sign North Node and the direction in which you're headed? If yes, how so? If you are asking have I chosen to surround myself with people who are beneficial to me -- yes, I have tried. Most importantly, the Aquarian counseling with Linda Brady keeps me on track and the Aquarian fellowship we have created really is beginning to feel like a good support system.

6. If in a long-term relationship, what is your partner’s Nodal position? What does that mean to you? How are you being supportive? I am single now but when in a relationship I am aware of this aspect and try to support it.

7. If you could sum up your journey in one sentence, what would it be? My journey feels like putting the pieces of a puzzle together to see the bigger picture.

Capricorn sign takeaways: be self-sufficient and Don’t be afraid of hard work After reading some of Alicia's answers, you can see how life placed her in a position where she had to learn how to take care of her self. And that's exactly what a Capricorn Sign North Node does -- it makes the individual stand up on his own two feet and be the roch that everyone else leans on. Unfortunately, the fact whether the native wants to have this responsibility or not, is usually a non-issue.

The best thing that you could choose to do, in order to avoid the shock and beat your teacher to the punch, is to begin working toward your Capricorn Sign soul mission as soon as possible.

Here are 10 key points to keep in mind as you begin your soul journey:

1. Be self-sufficient -- thank others for their willingness to help but choose to take care of yourself.

2. Use your wisdom to create the life that you know you can have.

3. Identify with the ‘father’ within.

4. Create goals for yourself and execute them – commit to your visions.

5. Don’t be afraid of hard work.

6. Be the disciplined and responsible ‘Stone’ that holds the fort together.

7. Don’t be needy and obsessed with the past...the Water (Cancer) will still run deep within, but this time around, you must be the ‘Earth Vessel’ that contains it rather than be the element itself.

8. Surround yourself with people who listen to you and appreciate your wisdom.

9. Incorporate Capricorn symbols into your daily life to remind yourself of your mission .

10. And most importantly, become the ‘Spiritual Father’ that you are meant to be!

Now, if your significant other is the one with the Capricorn soul mission, then it will be your job to help him develop and materialize his potential. You can start by filling his life with the energy of all things ruled by the Capricorn sign.

Surround his living space with Capricorn symbols ...feed him Capricorn foods ...take him on Capricorn vacations and fill his life with any other Capricorn Sign trinkets that you can think of.

Do anything and everything you can to remind him of and support him on his Capricorn journey. It is one of the greatest things that you could ever do for him – a gift of a true soul-mate!

Now, if you have the desire and will to do that for your mate, good for you. And please don't worry if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, that's perfectly natural.

This stuff is sometimes too much even for the seasoned professional. So I congratulate you for simply being here and having the desire to try.

If you find that you do need a little help, a little help is what I have for you. The spiritual path report can answer most of your questions regarding your mate's personality and would be a great tool to have as you work on supporting his journey from a Cancer South Node (soul pattern) to an Capricorn North Node (soul potential).

Having a clear idea of who your partner is on a personality level will make it that much easier to figure out where he's headed on a soul level. Translation: less work for you! ;-)

Once you feel comfortable, and are ready to proceed, take a look at the table below and try to identify the specific Cancer sign traits he’s trying to leave behind and the Capricorn sign traits that he’s trying to master (table below compliments of "Discovering Your Soul Mission" by Linda Brady and Evan St. Lifer):

Cancer sign: (old patterns)----->Capricorn sign: (new possibilities):
• Too sensitive...............................................Self-sufficient
• Crabby........................................................Responsible
• Manipulative..................................................Paternal
• Obsessed with past............................................Wise
• Clingy............................................................Ambitious
• Too reserved................................................Hardworking
• Childish.........................................................Conservative
• Passive..........................................................Traditional
• Needs being needed........................................Meticulous
• Smothering.....................................................Enterprising
• Insecure.........................................................Economical
• Negative..........................................................Disciplined
• Easily hurt......................................................Committed
• Timid............................................................Goal Directed

Capricorn sign As I mentioned before, if you look over this list and notice any of the Capricorn sign traits peeking through your man’s personality, it will be your job to support them.

For instance, if he’s working longer hours than you’d like because he wants to become the next president of his company – support him. If he decides that he wants to go back to grad school – support him. If he wants you to cut back on some expenses in order to save up for a down payment for a new house – support him. If he wants to discipline the children – support him.

You get the idea, right? SUPPORT HIM! Once the both of you decide on, learn how to, and commit to doing that for each other, there will be no question in either of your minds that you have found your ‘true’ soul-mate, the soul-mate of your life!

Are you ready to surprise your man in ways he never could have imagined? Want to create an environment where he can really flourish? Wonderful!

By utilizing the insights provided below in combination with your own imagination, you will not only succeed in inspiring him, but will also simultaneously reward yourself as well.

Let’s get started!

The North Node in Capricorn Action Guide:

1. Crystals and stones

2. Home Design

3. Symbols

4. Foods

5. 3 C’s – Countries, Cities, and Colors

6. Aromas

Coming soon!

7. Music

I know that after exploring all of these links, you’ll feel a bit overwhelmed. I realize that it’s quite a bit of information to absorb all at once. But I assure you that it will be well worth the effort.

Incorporating ‘little Capricorn reminders’ into your daily life will not only help you move closer to the Capricorn soul’s mission, but will undoubtedly assist you in discovering true domestic bliss! Try it and be the judge yourself!

There is one other important point that I’d like to mention – something that applies to both you and your partner (depending on which one of you has this nodal position...possibly the both of you).

You might recall that I initially said that part of the Capricorn sign soul mission is to move forward, away from the Cancer sign South Node characteristics. But, I would like to clarify that and let you know that it doesn’t mean that the positive Cancer traits have to be discarded. It took lifetimes for you to develop the person that’s here today, hard work that shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten.

The key is to fuse the positive traits that you brought with you from the past with the current ambitions reflected by your North Node position.

The point is to develop a personality that’s truly integrated. Our past is as much a part of us as our future, so be wise and use all the ‘gifts’ that you’ve accumulated – the world needs ALL of you!

The following is a list of ‘trait combinations’ that I started for you. It combines two traits from each sign leading to a holistic integration of both polarities.

I want you to use the words on the list to remind yourself of the type of person you want to become and for harnessing the unique Capricorn mission that you’re here to fulfill.

Please don’t think, however, that this list says it all. I want you to continue adding to it until it describes ALL that you want to become. Once that’s done, you can refer back to it anytime you feel a bit lost or off track.

The road is not always without bumps, so be patient. You WILL become the YOU that you’ve always dreamed of – I have faith in you!

The key is to fuse the capricorn sign positive traits’s the list. You can start by combining within yourself the...

Maternal Cancer sign with the Capricorn sign of Fatherhood to become the ‘Maternal Father’

• Cancer sign of Support with the Capricorn sign of the Executive to become the ‘Supportive Executive’

• Cancer sign of Empathy with the Disciplined sign of Capricorn to become the ‘Empathetic Disciplinarian’

Supportive Cancer sign with the Realistic Capricorn sign to become the model for ‘Supportive Realist’

• Cancer sign of Family Devotion with the Capricorn sign of Commitment to become the ‘Family STONE’ for your clan

Home loving Cancer sign with the Professional Capricorn sign to become the ‘Home Loving Professional’

Patriotic Cancer sign with the Traditional Capricorn sign and become the ‘Patriotic Traditionalist’

• Cancer sign of Intuition with the Capricorn sign of Ambition to develop ‘Intuitive Ambition’ within you

Child-like Cancer sign with the Father-like Capricorn sign to become the ‘Child-like Father’

Maternal Cancer sign with the Self Reliant Capricorn sign to become the Self-reliant Mother’

Loyal Cancer sign with the Hardworking Capricorn sign to become the ‘Loyal Hard-worker’

Nurturing Cancer sign with the Disciplinarian sign of Capricorn to become the ‘Nurturing Disciplinarian’

Emotional Cancer sign with the Prudent Capricorn sign to become ‘Emotionally Prudent’

• Cancer sign of Empathy with the Realistic sign of Capricorn to become the ‘Empathetic Realist’

• Cancer sign of the Tradition with the Capricorn sign of Integrity to become the symbol for ‘Traditional Integrity’

The rest of the list is up to you to finish!

Sorry to leave you hanging like that. But in order for me to go deeper into your specific motivations, I need to know your exact birth data. Otherwise, I would be no different than the tabloids – offering you information that that describes not only you, but the other 20 million (I’m guessing) people born under the sign of Capricorn as well. Wouldn’t be too enlightening, would it?!

Well, that’s it for now.

Remember – "Always nourish the soul...and...”RomanceIt!"

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