Astrology Advice

Dear friend, if you're looking for astrology advice, my guest astrologer Geri Bellino is ready to listen, and talk.

Consultation options include:

1. Natal Chart Interpretation: A natal chart consultation will allow you to explore any element of life currently on your mind. Questions arrive at certain times in our life for specific reasons. And the symbolic language of astrology is the optimum tool for analyzing these cycles and their underlying motivating factors. Each one of us is on a unique life voyage that takes us to places we might not have visited before. More often than not, we’ll intuitively pick up the local lingo and customs and in no time at all will start blending in with the natives. Sometimes, however, an unfamiliar destination might be too challenging and nebulous to be handled alone. For this trip, you might want assistance from a professional with prior experience in this territory. Only you know the inner terrain you're visiting right now. Therefore, only you can decide if you’d like a guide to accompany you on this journey.

Initial consultation $150 for 60-minute session

To schedule your session click here.

2. Relationship Compatibility: Romance is like a dance…a dance that is only as captivating as the connection between the two partners. In the beginning, some dancers step on each others’ toes, while others engage in a sophisticated tango. No matter where you are in the relationship dance, an astrological consultation can help you refine your steps and appreciate the unique choreography between your souls.

Initial consultation $250 for 90-minute session

To schedule your session click here.

3. Q&A Sessions: This option is for those of you who have experience with astrology and are interested in exploring specific questions and/or topics relating to astrology.

Q&A session: $75 for 30-minute session

To schedule your session click here.

Geri is an intuitive astrologer, certified clairvoyant reader and Reiki master. She remembers her first astrological consultation quite clearly. The information she received was so amazing and accurate, she wondered out loud if the astrologer was psychic. The answer: “No, I am just reading your chart” started her on a quest to understand how looking at symbols in a circle could lead to such profound insight.

Geri will work together with you to create an appreciation of your unique cosmic palette. She uses vivid imagery and metaphors to paint a portrait of the energetic and archetypal patterns at work in your chart. Astrology is above all the study of cycles, so Geri will review both your natal chart and use a number of forecasting techniques to convey a range of ways you may be experiencing the current planetary energies in your life. She takes a conversational approach during her consultation, which comes from her desire to affirm, validate and support you on the road to self-discovery.

Geri has a M.A. in Communications and worked for many years as a TV, video and event producer. She has studied with many renowned astrologers and is active in the the astrological community as an active member of the International Association for Astrological Research (ISAR); The Organization of Professional Astrologers (OPA) and Rocky Mountain Astrologers (ROMA). She lives in Colorado.


"You have a knowledge and gift to connect and relate complicated material, with enthusiasm and wit. Thank you for an insightful and enjoyable reading. I have had my chart read before but this time really resonated with me, and everything fit together in an easy way. No accident that we met and talked at this time - the reading and your insights give me tools for approaching life's needs with an expansive attitude. And it was just a lot of fun to be with you and bounce ideas and get creative!"

Ann - Prague, Czech Republic

"Geri is a gifted astrologer whose service is to illuminate the path for others. I found her to be approachable, non-judgmental and truly compassionate. Her optimistic, gentle nature made me feel safe and supported. She is very sincere and thoughtful with her guidance to assist in discovering the answers that can heal, resolve and evolve you to a new level of awareness. She illuminates with insightful observations, touching you in a manner that you just might find yourself laughing and crying at the same time."

Randy - Montreal,Canada

"Thank you so much for the great reading. I appreciated the way you were able to present information in such a validating way. As I thought about our conversation, it was very helpful to shed light on where that energy has been coming from all my life. Seeing that allows me to just accept some things as the way they are and move past them -- as opposed to struggling with resistance about it. I'd recommend you to anyone for an astrology reading."

Sue - Denver, CO

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