Aquarius sign:
"LivingIt!" Aquarius Style

Create the boudless space of freedom and creativity that the Aquarius sign dreams of and become a soul mate for life!

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•The Home: Ideally, the Aquarian home should be somewhere deep in the country or right in the centre of town, not anywhere in between. It should be spacey, with open views and an airy feel. Being an air sign, an Aquarian adores unrestricted spaces because they provide a feeling of complete and eternal freedom. The Aquarian color palate should be satisfied with various shades of blues and electric undertones of silver. Most likely, there will be a desire to combine both the very old and the very new – tradition and modern – in order to feel progressive. So any design elements that bridges that gap, would be a welcomed addition.

Décor suggestions:

•Art and Ornaments: should be kept to a minimum in order to avoid a feeling of clutter. Decoration that would work well includes; large-scale, unusual modern art pieces; atypically shaped vases and sculptures; a few simple ceramics arranged within groups and a couple of older/unusual collectable items such as; a rare African carving, a piece of crystal or an ancient item of Neolithic art – all elements that could highlight the paradoxes within the Aquarius sign’s identity.

•Windows: huge windows, tons of natural daylight, plain metal Venetian blinds/wooden shutters/basic cotton roller-blinds (no curtains)

•Flowers and Plants: The exquisite orchid is ruled by the unorthodox Aquarius sign. Placing an exotic orchid in the bedroom, living room, or bathroom, could add the perfect mystical essence to the rest of the décor. Or if you live in the country, plant an Apple Blossom or a Pear Tree – two other Aquarian soul-mates. Fruit trees help strengthen integrity and resolve and are helpful in fulfilling ideals (“The Handbook of Ancient Wisdom,” by Cassandra Eaton).

•Bedroom: classic lines, not cluttered, spacey – a minimalist approach. A large mirror façade could help maximize the impression of light and space. A contemporary/modern feel might be appealing, especially with an unusual bed to show off the ‘Aquarian quirkiness.’ A low, wooden bed with unique carvings would be interesting. Or a raised bed made of plain metal with a brushed metallic surface and enhanced with scaffolding poles. An Aquarian soul would love sleeping high above his surroundings (air hovering over the earth).

•Kitchen: Again we’re looking for something outside the ordinary. If your house has an open plan, the kitchen could blend in with the rest of the space, simply divided by the intelligent use of furniture or the clever use of room dividers such as open-sided shelves. Stainless steel is a must, whether it’s the stove, fridge, cabinets, or breakfast nook. A modern look will usually be more appealing than its country counterpart. Other metallic textures to consider include zinc and titanium which can be incorporated into tiles, used on walls and other surfaces, or integrated into the floor design. Glass, chrome-fittings, and white or pale wood would also blend nicely into the metallic theme and add to the unusual and striking Aquarius sign 'blend.’


Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology,” written by Paul Wade. If you're really intersted in creating an environment to support the Aquarius soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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