Aquarius sign:
“HearingIt!” Aquarius style

Play the notes of the Aquarius sign's soul and watch all that aloofness just melt away...

Special note for GENTLEMEN!

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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The Aquarius sense of sound is possibly as unusual and intriguing as the Aquarius sign itself. However, even though the notes may vary, the essence of what they want to experience still remains the same. They want to be moved and inspired by the sounds they hear. They want to remember the past and dream of the future. They want to cry and they want to smile. Ideally, they want to experience all three elements all at once, if that's possible?! :-)

So, what does that mean for you? It means that you have to figure out what kind of nourishment their soul needs at the present moment and feed it. You could play techno music if you feel that they need to be electrified…new age music to inspire their creative energy…and nature sounds (like birds chirping and wind blowing) to summon their dream world. They might find the works of artists such as Yanni and Sarah Brightman to be quite appealing as well.

If you really want to see an emotional outpour from your Aquarian soulmate, play the national anthem. Tears of joy will surely follow. Aquarius sign people are suckers for individuals coming together and working for the greater good. They just can’t help but cheer for the underdog – always incredibly moved by individuals overcoming hardships and achieving unattainable dreams. On a deep, emotional level this is what a national anthem represents to the Aquarian soul.

If you can make your 'Aquarian buddy' feel even a quarter of the emotions described above, an outpour of gratitude is surely to follow!


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