Aquarius Symbol:
“TouchingIt!” Aquarius Style

Special note for GENTLEMEN!

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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Use an Aquarius symbol to remind the Aquarius sign soul of its earthly destination...

• Buffalo: Buffalo is a wise and benevolent ally, teaching skills of slow and steady movement toward our goals. At one time, buffalos roamed in huge herds over North America. Therefore, as an Aquarius symbol, their presence could provide the Aquarian sign soul with a sense of grounding and community –two things it very much desires. Obviously you can’t buy your partner a buffalo but you can buy him a symbolic reminder of one. A keychain, photograph, painting, or sculpture will do just fine. What matters most is the connection to the vision…making him wonder, “Why am I suddenly feeling in tune with my spirit?” But only you will know the answer to that!’ ;-)

• Hummingbird: Hummingbirds represent TRUTH and JOY. Considered to be birds of the gods, they bring harmony and happiness to all that see them. So, if an individual is lacking in joy, cheer, or playfulness, the hummingbird can help draw it out of them. Historically, the feather of a hummingbird has been used as a totem. However, a picture, carving, or any other replica would be just as potent at inviting its spirit.

• Large Birds: Large birds, capable of sustained flight, such as the eagle, heron and albatross are also Aquarian symbols. Their virtue is to exist free of material concerns and the burdens of convention, same as their human counterparts. Any of the birds mentioned above would work great as totems and spirit boosters when your man is feeling a bit overburdened by the realities of life.

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