Aries sign:
Crystals and stones for the Aries soul

Crystals and stones for the Aries sign soul (Symbolism taken from the “The Crystal Zodiac,” by Judy Hall) :

1. The two Aries birthstones: The fiery Ruby and the ice cool Diamond: It is the opposing characteristics of this duo that make it such a perfect fit for the Arian soul. While the hot and smoldering Ruby supports the fierier, dynamic, and self-centered qualities of the Aries North Node personality, the calming Diamond brings the gifts of thoughtfulness and consideration for others, bonding with one’s partner, and overcoming the tendency to put oneself first above all else. This combo helps the Aries sign soul to create a life of independence as well as codependence – one of the main reasons why it’s here.

2. The Aventurine Potential: People with an Aries sign North Node are here to learn the qualities of assertion, courage, and stamina. The Aventurine can assist with just that. It can help with the Aries journey by helping one harness his/her leadership ability and perseverance – maximizing the potential for decisive action and follow-through.

3. The Pink Tourmaline – a stone for the Aries heart: The Aries sign’s emotions are sometimes a bit volatile and insensitive – often centering around the themes of lust and love. And while the libido is quite strong, there’s still a twinkle of a romantic streak in it. That’s why the Pink Tourmaline is perfect for the Aries soul. It can encourage love on many different levels while simultaneously dispersing any feeling of aggression. It is an aphrodisiac and a heart protector – teaching its bearer the safety of intimate love and affection.

4. Offsetting the Aries ‘spiciness’ with the luminescent Fire Agate: The Fire Agate has a grounding quality on the Aries soul – supporting it’s body and protecting it against ill-wishers (Aries souls have the potential to inadvertently upset those around them with their brash tongues :-). In addition, it also has a ‘mellowing’ affect on the Aries individual that can help him/her avoid exhaustion and total burnout. Very useful stone….and can be worn for long periods of time!

5. The Aries Soul Pathway Stone – the Aqua Aura: The iridescent Aqua Aura crystal is the Aries sign’s captain, leading the Aries soul towards its connection with the universe. The Aries North Node individual is here to develop the self, unselfishly. They are here to become the center within themselves without permitting the ego to get in the way. And meditating on the Aqua Aura crystal is the ideal way to accomplish that task.

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