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Create the striking, bold, and powerful space that the Aries sign dreams of and become a soul mate for life!

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•The Home:
The Aries sign of the zodiac is a sign of action and initiative and needs a space that will allow for plenty of movement. Ideally the home should have modern features and clean lines…creating an appealing look yet still leaving plenty of uncluttered room. Interior design is not a priority for the Aries individual but the native might feel inspired if surrounded by the elements that rule its nature. For instance, a wood-burning stove or fireplace can support the fire they feel within their soul; various shades of red could satisfy their color palate; and metallic hardware, tools, and machinery would help them satisfy their need for staying busy and active around the house. The Aries individual also finds joy and a bit of therapeutic release in reorganizing and clearing of the home. Somehow getting rid of old ‘baggage’ leaves them feeling refreshed and reborn. So, keep an eye on those ‘special trinkets’ of yours, otherwise, they might end up in the dumpster.

Décor suggestions:
Aries Sign: Metal Sword •Art and Ornaments:
The Aries sign of the ‘warrior’ and ‘pioneer’ likes the bold, striking, and powerful. Therefore, any art and ornamentation that resides in the house should make a definite statement. Sharp tools such as knives or swords should be large and attention-demanding. If those pieces also have a bit of ‘fighting’ history, that’s even better. Woodcarvings or sculptures of a Native American theme would also fit the Arian sign household quite well because Aries symbolically rules the Native American Culture. Any artifacts made of metal, iron, or wood would also be a fantastic addition to the Aries home.

Aries Sign: Cactus •Flowers and plants
Aries sign rules thorn-bearing, spiky, and prickly plants such as the cactus, aloe, and agave. However, any plant with an angular nature would compliment the modern lines of the Arian home interior quite well. An ideal floral arrangement would also incorporate a bit of stone or gravel. The solidity and power of the material would combine well with the life-enhancing force of the plant itself. One additional point to remember when considering the décor options for the Arian Soul is that an Aries doesn’t really want to spend time on house duties. So it would be wise to use a minimalist approach and find plants that can support their own survival.

The Aries sign is associated with the top of the house, so it might not be a bad idea for them to sleep in the upstairs bedroom, even the attic, if there is one. The Aries individual likes to be a pioneer, on top of and ahead of all that is around him. Therefore, some sort of interesting and unusual type of bed would be especially welcomed. A good example would be a bed that’s raised close to the ceiling, one that requires the climbing of a ladder in order to be reached. Darker tones in the bedroom are preferred to lighter shades primarily because darker shades add a peaceful tone to the atmosphere (to tame the Arian ‘hot’ heart) and secondly, because Aries sign rules the various shades of red and the native resonates well to that color element. If red color is used, however, it should be done sparingly, because if overdone, could over-stimulate the senses and would prevent the Aries soul from getting a good night’s sleep.

Aries Sign: Kitchen •Kitchen
The Aries individual does not live to eat but rather eats to live. Therefore, the kitchen space is not really a priority for him. An Arian wants to get in and out. So he needs utensils and appliances that would let him do his chores with lightening speed and efficiency. Stainless steel work surfaces that cut down on cleaning time would be fantastic. A sink with a draining board would be most welcomed. A breakfast bar that leaves room for additional maneuvering would be greatly favored as well. You get the idea – clean, fast, and efficient. Those are the top requirements for the Arian kitchen. Oh…and if we’re talking about food, spice it up! There’s nothing more appealing to the Arian heart than a meal full of colorful, distinct, and aromatic spices!

Keywords: Fireplaces, flaming and discordant hues, hardware, metal, red, roofs, spices, and tools.


Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Aries soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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