Aries Symbol:
“TouchingIt!” Aries Style

Use an Aries symbol to remind the Aries sign soul of it's courageous nature...

Special note for Gentlemen

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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• Badger: The badger is a small creature but fights with great tenacity when attacked. Similar to it's Aries soul counterpart, this little living thing has a heart of a true ‘warrior.' Therefore, as an Aries symbol, the badger is an ideal totem to be used as a source of power (symbolically) to protect one during times of emotional, psychic, or physical attack. Obviously you’re not going to go out and buy your partner a live badger (isn’t that illegal?), but you can get him a small reminder of one. A keychain, photograph, painting, or sculpture will do just fine. What matters most is the connection to the vision…making him wonder, “Why am I suddenly feeling stronger and more connected to my spirit?” But only you will know the answer! ;-)

Aries sign: porcupine • Porcupine: The Porcupine is another living creature rules by the Aries sign of the zodiac. These animals roam the forests and guard themselves by embedding their quills into their enemy. For that reason, porcupines are also known for their symbolic ability to defend and protect. So, if there’s ever a time when your Aries soulmate needs to feel a bit more secure and desires to ward off negative influences, the porcupine is the ‘man’ (or woman ;-)) for the job.

• Shark: The shark is one of the most feared and abhorred creatures, ready to attack and kill without provocation. However, as a symbolic tocken, the shark can be a protective ally and act as a warrior during times of injustice. So, if your mate needs to feel empowered and safe, the shark can be the one to make that happen. Also, not a bad symbol to use during times when swift action and firm decisions are needed. No, you don't need a living, brooding shark to make this happen? Any resemblance of one will do just fine. ;-)

Aries sign: wolf • Wolf: This four-legged predator is another Aries symbol ruled by the Aries sign of the zodiac. While feared all over the world for its voracious appetite and mischievous deeds, the wolf’s poor reputation actually exceeds his naughty behavior. These animals usually live and hunt in packs of 20 or more and gain strength from their group unity. The wolf is intelligent, an enduring hunter, and great communicator. Therefore, the wolf is a great Aries symbol to have around when one needs to focus on a vision, gain awareness, build strength and confidence, and hone in on his leadership ability.

• Cardinal: The rich, red-coated Cardinal is another exquisite Aries symbol. These beautiful birds are found in the open woods, forest edges, and parks. Cardinals are wonderful for enlightening and brightening any environment. Their ability to bring a bit of playful spirit into the space they occupy is undeniable. For this reason, this ‘quirky’ little bird is ideal for renewing ones vitality and vigor, bringing life back to life!

• Eagle and Red-tailed Hawk: Large birds, capable of sustained flight, such as the eagle and Red-tailed Hawk, are also ruled by the Aries sign of the zodiac. They are powerful totems for people who need help forming and achieving goals, who need to build strength and grounding stability, and who need to build confidence and surety of path. The presence of these birds, live or symbolic, has the power to bring out the warrior in all of us!

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