Bedroom talk:
A provocatively sensual language of love

Why write about bedroom talk? Well, because the bedroom is the cornerstone of a relationship and one of the few things that can make it or break it.

Special note for GENTLEMEN!

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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A couple’s bedroom is their intimate space - a place where they connect to share their souls.

When their bedroom door closes, hundreds of other doors open to lead them to one place -- INTIMACY.

It is my belief that in such a place, an everyday type of dialogue will not do. Regular street talk will not sustain the eroticism present between those walls.

A sensual exchange demands sensual communication -- a language called bedroom talk.

I'd like to help you develop your bedroom talk skills.

I can show you how this unique dialect , together with other distinctive tools, can help you create an intimate life that will be sensual, soulful, and most surely profound.

Tell me when you're ready because...

I'd like to begin our overview by introducing you to the five rules of bedroom talk:

1. It is both verbal and physical: It is a voice of your soul that reaches out to humanity in order to connect, interact, and unite.

2. It is both conscious and unconscious: It is constantly searching for ways to express your needs – hiding, flaunting, and craving attention.

3. It has no rights or wrongs: It leaves the boundary creation up to you. So you can reach as far as your comfort level allows.

4. It is a two way communication: The flow of gestures, words and expressions goes both ways: from you to him and from him to you.

5. It possesses three invariable ingredients: An open mind, an unconstrained imagination, and a limitless respect for the participants involved; all an absolute must.

How can you introduce bedroom talk into your life? Bravely and gradually! ;-)

There are a number of ways to introduce bedroom talk into your life. But before you begin choosing, let's first look at what's been holding you back.

Our culture expects all of us to be proper -- to be perfect representations of society's standards and expectations. But what does all of that really meany? What does the word "proper" really mean?

I'm confident that every individual we ask will come up with a different interpretation. So bottom line, we really don't know what the word means nor do we really know how we should behave, do we?!

Humor me for a moment and take a look at's translation. The word proper, according to, means:

1. Characterized by appropriateness or suitability; fitting
2. Strictly following rules or conventions, especially in social behavior;

After reading those two definitions I can see why three quarters of the human population is physically and spiritually unfulfilled. How can we be if all we're doing is constantly trying to be "proper."

I say there's no room for this nonsense in the bedroom. The bedroom is your domain. What you do there and say there is strictly up to you. Your bedroom talk (and body talk) is your own private language with its own private rules. So society's conventions don't apply here. You are free to follow your instincts and imagination.

There is a bit of bad news, however....

Our culture can be a heavy cross to bear when it comes to sexual expression and bedroom talk. We are so bombarded with imposed rules and regulations that even in our most private places, we feel constrained and paralyzed; unable to let go of the very inhibitions that are suffocating us.

My hope is that one day you'll find the courage to express yourself as sensually and as openly as you'd like. But to do that, you'll probably need a bit of help and a few magic tools. And for this, I am here my friend. And that is exactly what you shall have! ;-)


The Bedroom Talk tool box

If you're wondering how you're going to master those bedroom talk skills, don’t give it another thought. You will be given all the tools you need. Over the course of my life, I've developed and perfected my bedroom talk skills. And now I'm going to share those insights with you.

Also, as a bonus, I'm going to tell you where I shop for all of my intimate accessories. Now who else, but me, would tell you such secret stuff? ;-)

1. Erotic and Porn Movies: Personally, I prefer erotic to porn. Erotic movies tell a story. They're intriguing...enticing...great visual interpretations of bedroom talk. But since this is your game, you choose. No matter what your preference, erotica or porn , I want you to watch the movie alone first. Eroticism in solitude is a different animal than eroticism in partnership, and it's important to experinece both. Plus, it'll give you an opportunity to learn a few tricks that you can later explore with your partner.

One other important point -- pay attention to the details -- the language, the actions, and the responses. Once you feel comfortable, introduce your observations and newly learned skills to your partner and prepare to have an amazing movie night! ;-)

My favorite Video Stores:


2.: they have a great selection of both erotic and porn

2. Erotic lingerie: If you want to be a bedroom talk expert, throw away your grandma pajamas. Buy a few naughty outfits. Black and red for steamy nights. White for a bit of virgin teasing. Whatever you do, make sure to dress the part. Give me your word.

My favorite Lingerie Stores:

1.Frederick's of Hollywood: The home of sexy lingerie since 1946.

2. Pure : flirtatious chemises, comfy separates, fantasy pleasers, luxurious gowns, playful panties, sensual intimates, and we can't forget, "Just For Him" surprises. ;-)

3. Erotic games: I’m sure you’ve played the maid, the nurse, and a number of other characters. But before you go splurging on another outfit, let your imagination show you what it can do (just for a week or two).

Take a few moments each day and envision a story in your mind that makes you drip with sweat. Feel the flesh...listen to the words...feel the sensations. ANd don't be shy. Remember that what's in your mind, stays in your mind. If that's what you choose, of course. So feel free to get as muddy as you'd like. My eyes and ears are closed! ;-)

Once you've discovered the undercurrents of your sensual being, and feel comfortable with your fantasy, you can share it with your partner. Tell him everything that you saw -- the people, places, movements, conversations, feelings -- every detail that comes to mind. Don't skip a single thing. Be the erotic story teller...and don’t hold anything back.

Once your done talking, you can start playing. This part should be easy. Because by the time you finish telling your story, your leading man will be more than ready to play! If you get my drift. ;-)

My favorite Erotic Games +++: Don't skim through this category. Explore it slowly and thoroughly. Then let your imagination do it's magic.

1. Frederick's Costumes: You can play dress up all night with these costumes.

2.: erotic games to sexual fulfillment are like ice cream cones to little kids. Choose to Speak Love, Make Love or have a Romantic Rendezvous. Play...Experiment...Explore!

3.: These little scribbled notes filled with lusty messages can offer you nights that you will never forget.

4. Chocolate Body Paint: The gradual narrowing spiral of Chocolate Body Paint strategically drawn on your partner's body, can leave tastes in your mouth that even the gods would envy. ;-)

4. Sex positions: Sex is sometimes a complex and undefinable creature; making us crave one thing, yet need another. I say that because human nature is driven by diversity and novelty. Yet here we are, year after year, making love to the same person. Doesn't make sense, does it? We like to think that Love changes everything...that love will make the sameness somehow appealing. But it doesn't. All it does is create false hopes and expectations.

Couples must continue to recreate their individualities...they must continue experimenting and playing with the possibilities available to them if they are to have a truly fulfilling life together.

Variety is one of life's greatest aphrodisiacs and sex offers us a great opportunity to harness it's power. For instance, Kamasutra provides ample opportunity for us to enjoy sex while we experiment with it. Changing positions during our intimate encounters can make sex not only a daily surprise but also a light that can illuminate our hidden sensual potential. By allowing our bodies to be explored in uninhibited ways, we are given the opportunity to transform and evolve. And that monogamous growth is one of the key ingredients needed to build a strong partnership.

Think about it, then try it. Choose a position that's appealing to you and simply try it. I promise that you'll have lots of fun and experience some electrifying times.

My favorite Sex Positions:

1.: explore the sensual and sexual aspects of your mind, body and soul as you journey towards unprecedented ecstasy.

5. Sex shops: If you're too embarrassed to visit a sex shop, don't worry. You're not the only one. I experienced a few uncomfortable moments myself. But I got over it and you will too. Make yourself go. Go to a sex shop and explore the vast world of adult toys and accessories. Feel them, touch them, read the instructions. Then imagine using them yourself. Believe me, the embarressment will fade and then you'll be a frequent and satisfied customer. Guaranteed! Challenge me.

My favorite Sex Toys:

1. Pure offers a great selection of bedroom accessories - balls... rockets...beads...and anything else you can imagine.

6. Erotic art: Did you ever get aroused simply by looking at a piece of art? I have. I remember attending an erotic photo exhibition once and feeling as though someone was making love to me as I stood. The pictures were so intimate, that one just couldn’t help but be moved.

That’s where my next suggestion comes in. I want you to tastefully incorporate as much erotic art into your bedroom decor as you can. Erotic photos...sculptures...paintings...anything that will make you want to stay in that room for days. Do it. You won't regret it.

My favorite Photo Store:

1. : The photos are of Soft Nudes, Feminine Nature, Male Prowess, and other alluring scenes.

I urge you to visit these online stores even if you're not looking to improve your sex life. Just go see what they have. Who knows...maybe something will spark your imagination, and you'll experience the hottest bedroom talk of your life.

One final note: Remember what I said earlier. We are all culturally blocked to true, honest bedroom talk. So you might not be ready to take the full plunge. And that's OK. Take your time and go step by step. Begin slowly by discovering yourself, your limits, your fantasies, and your unspoken needs. Understand what you desire and then use the tools provided to create pleasure for your body and soul.


Always speak dirty, behave incorrectly, talk and listen with your flesh, and as always, RomanceIt!

The Bedroom Talk Library

Educational Videos, Books and On-line Resources :

1. Sex: A Lifelong Pleasure: Europe's best-selling sex education series shows you how to dissolve inhibitions, expand your sexual horizons, and enrich your intimate life. Each tape features practical, positive advice and guidance from world-renowned sex therapists, as well as explicit demonstrations of specific sexual techniques presented by a real couple. Set includes Satisfying Her, Satisfying Him, and Shared Sexual Pleasures.

2. – Society for Human Sexuality: this is a comprehensive web site which offers guides and reviews, articles about specific subjects such as: Safer Sex, Erotic Massage, Erotic Talk, Flirting, Male Multiple Orgasms, G-Spot Play, Swinging Guide, Swing Community, and much more. Do not miss its section called "Contributed Documents" which includes hundreds of different perspectives on tantra, polyamory, bdsm, anal sex, oral sex, sex positions, and more.

3. Erotic : the EU’s purpose is to provide an educational resource for adults to learn about sex in a supportive atmosphere that celebrates sexuality in all of its diversity. You can attend either live classes in Los Angeles or their state of the art virtual campus on the Internet.

"Call to Action" resources:

1.: just check out these "inspirational" books:

1.1. 101 Nights of Grrreat Sex : 101 sealed envelopes, to each open once a week, with secret instructions inside each to share a much steamier evening together. The book that guarantees great sex, twice a week, every week for a year.

1.2. 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance: This book is made up of 101 sealed envelopes. Every week for a year, you each pick a different one, keeping it a secret, and follow the creative instructions inside sometime during the week for a romantic surprise to sweep each other away.

1.3. 52 Invitations to Grrreat Sex: 26 sealed envelopes for him and 26 sealed envelopes for her - each with secret instructions inside each to share a sizzling evening together. A year's worth of ideas for putting some passion into your love life.

1.4. If 3 - Questions for the Game of Love : Following the best-selling If, this book focuses entirely on questions of love, romance, and sex such as...if you had to pick the most sensual part of your body, what would you pick? if you had to pick the sexiest dream you've ever had, which one would you pick?

1.5. The Book of Questions - Love & Sex : The Book of Questions gives you permission ask those things that are too bold, too embarrassing, or just too difficult to ask by yourself.

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