Cancer sign:
Crystals and stones for the Cancer soul

Crystals and stones for the Cancer sign soul (Symbolism taken from the “The Crystal Zodiac,” by Judy Hall):

1. The Cancer birthstone: The stone of ‘new beginnings’ – The Moonstone: The Cancer sign of the zodiac is ruled by the moon. It is naturally intuitive, sensitive, and at times moody…influences strongly related to its ruler. The Moonstone is the symbol for the Cancer soul because it helps the native to harness his or her emotional undertones and psychic gifts and encourages acceptance of them. In addition, it also promotes vivid dreaming and helps to bring unconscious thoughts to the surface. It is a stone of attunement; aligning the individual with his own biorhythmic cycle…allowing for emotional balance that could otherwise elude the Cancer individual.

2. The Chalcedony and Ruby Potential: The Chalcedony releases the Cancerian potential for nurturing and caring. It is a stone that rules brotherhood and group stability, teaching its native to care about others rather than for others. The Chalcedony encourages the Cancer soul to hold on to its internal energy while they aid others in building their own paths. The ability to create a boundary between ‘self’ and ‘other’ is essential for the Cancer soul and something that the Chalcedony can definitely help with. Now, the Ruby’s role on the other hand, is to support the Cancer native in his or her ambitions. Not visible to all, the Cancer individual is actually quite set on accomplishing his or her goals and manifesting latent talents. And the Ruby’s energy and passion is just the spark needed to help them turn those desires into reality!

3. The Cancer Soul Pathway Stone – The Jasper. The Cancer soul’s dilemma is to find a ‘balanced way’ of providing nurturance – a way of giving without being depleted of its life source. That is why the Jasper, known as the ‘supreme nurturer,’ is the soul pathway stone for the Cancer sign of the zodiac. It has the power to sustain the soul during times of stress and pressure…allowing for a replenishment of spirit and a claming of the tides.

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