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Create the warm and nurturing home that a Cancer sign dreams of and become a soul mate for life!

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•The Home:
The Cancer sign of the zodiac is the one that is most strongly attached to the home. Nothing seems to be as important to this individual as their family. Nurturing others brings them a great deal of satisfaction; therefore, they need an inviting home environment where that bonding can take place. The living space should exude a feeling of safety, warmth, and hospitality. Usually not the tidiest of places, the Cancer home is a collection of all things past. These individuals hate to throw anything away and therefore hold on to any collectible, heirloom, or antique that has entered their family over the years. Most importantly, their home should feel lived-in, be a bit on the informal side and exceptionally comfortable…almost womb-like.

Décor suggestions:
Cancer sign: Old furniture •Art and Ornaments:
A Cancer sign’s strong attachment to the past explains their affinity to all things that look, feel, and are old. They love antiques and usually spend quite a bit of time collecting them. Old furniture is another favorite. Time is value in their minds and that applies to things as well as people. Family photographs also cover the walls of these sensitive soul’s homes, combining decoration with a few remembrances of the past. Other décor elements include vases, bowls, fountains…the water element is especially calming and soothing for the Cancer individual. After all, this spiritual, homey human being is ruled by water.

•Flowers and plants
Cancer sign seems to have the greenest thumb of the all the zodiac signs. For that reason, plants and flowers are usually prominent features in the Cancer home and tend to thrive quite nicely. Potted plants are preferred to cut ones because that provides the Cancer individual an opportunity to grow and nurture a living object of beauty. White is the color of choice for flowers…white lilies might be especially welcomed.

Cancer sign: Cinderella style bedroom •Bedroom
The bedroom is the Cancer’s snow white sanctuary -- cozy, classical, and timeless. Preferably, the furniture should be made of light wood, lighting should be on the dimmer end, and bedding should be soft, light, and fluffy. A few embroidered pieces would add a nice ambiance to this Cinderella-like décor as would an elegant chiffon canopy draped over the bed. Basically, the feel should be comfortable, private, and simple.

Do you want to take a guess where in the Cancer’s home most of the action will take place? If you guessed the kitchen, you are absolutely right! One of the key ingredients to providing true nurturance is the giving of food and a Cancer sure loves to feed his clan. Most family gatherings will take place in the kitchen, most of the decision making will take place in the kitchen, and most of the family bonding will take place in the kitchen.

Cancer sign: family kitchen A huge, centerpiece dining table would be perfect, especially if made of an aged, tough, strong piece of wood. Stone tiles for the floor, fresh cut flowers for the table and shelves, a few interesting pottery pieces together with an old-fashioned bread bin would fit this country style kitchen perfectly. Ultimately, all that matters is that the kitchen provides a cozy and inviting environment where the entire family can meet and enjoy each others company.

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Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade,. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Cancer soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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