Cancer sign:
“TouchingIt!” Cancer Style

Use the Cancer sign symbols to remind the Cancer soul of its nurturing nature...

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• Crab: The Crab is an ideal symbol for the Cancer soul. With its hard shell on the outside for protection against predators, outstretched pincers for attacking, defending, and gathering food, and soft flesh for feeling the tides of the world, the Crab lives his life taking two steps forward and one step back. He is curious and probing, yet defensive and fierce when threatened by external circumstances.

Cancer Sign: crab Symbolically, the Crab can help one explore deep emotions, especially where fear, insecurity, courage, and anger are concerned. His guidance can lead to an understanding that profound feeling and vulnerability can coexist with strength and power – a force that is unparallel to all. Obviously, this does not mean that you have to go out and get yourself a real crab, but you can buy (or make) yourself a ‘small’ reminder. A keychain, photograph, painting, or carving will do just fine. What matters most is the connection to the vision.

• Turtle: With a connection to both water and land ancestry, the turtle feels just as content swimming the waters as is does crawling the land. Similar to the crab, it’s ruled by the water sign of the zodiac, Cancer, and has a similar hard shell for protection against dangerous elements. A careful and disciplined creature, it can bestow the same two qualities upon the follower that calls out its name. As a totem, the turtle is helpful for safety, protection, and security and can offer grounding and stability to those who require it. So, if you know someone who needs to add a bit of solidity in their life, the turtle is just the ‘man’ or ‘woman,’ I should say, for the job.

Cancer sign: duck • Duck: The water-loving, air-gliding duck is another earthly creature ruled by the Cancer sign of the zodiac. One of the duck’s greatest talents is the way it swan dives into the deep waters in search of its prey…and it’s a talent that it can pass on to us, if only we give it a chance. The Duck is a wonderful totem to have while exploring the vast emotional oceans and hidden realms within ourselves. Somehow the duck manages to create the serene environment needed for an individual to truly open up and be receptive to the waves that arise…how it does that, I don’t know. But it does.


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