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Capricorn sign: Juicy Beef • Beef: Assuming that the beef you eat comes from free-range, organically fed cattle and is consumed in moderation, it can be a strengthener for the entire body, especially for blood, bones, and muscles.

However, if used and abused, can result in health concerns that none of us really want.

Symbolically and energetically, beef can bring greater stability and steadiness into our lives. And as the Capricorn sign that rules it, can also give us courage, vitality and solidity during times of confusion and powerlessness. So if consumed wisely and in moderation, can be a truly grounding element in our life.

To find a couple of hearty recipes using beef, visit

Capricorn sign: Spinach • Spinach: Spinach is another food ruled by the Capricorn sign of the zodiac. Rich in iron and minerals, spinach is a great blood builder and nutrient.

Symbolically known as the warrior, spinach is a fighter for just causes and an ally to those who are feeling a bit weak and in need of some strength. For those of you who remember ‘Popeye the sailorman,’ know exactly how powerful spinach can be. ;-)

To find some nutritious recipes using spinach, visit

Other foods and herbs for inspiring the persevering Capricorn spirit:

• foods to promote perseverance are: beets, barley, starchy foods such as pasta, and unleavened breads such as the pita.

• Herbs and spices include oregano, paprika, and celery salt.


Unfortunately, all I can offer you here are little tidbits of information. The reason being is that if we were to delve deeper into this subject, we could discuss it till eternity.

However, if you're REALLY INTERESTED in learning more about the healing and empowering relationship between certain foods and your own zodiac soul sign, I strongly suggest that you take a look at Jonathan Keyes's book, "Guide to Natural Health -- Using the Horoscope as a Key to Ancient Healing Practices "

Most of the information on this page comes from Jonathan’s book, so if you found it interesting, you should find his book quite useful as well. Use it to jump start your journey toward spiritual and physical well-being.

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