Capricorn sign:
“TouchingIt!” Capricorn Style

Use the Capricorn sign symbols to remind the Capricorn soul of its earthly destination...

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Capricorn sign: goat • Goat: The sure, persevering, and agile Mountain Goat is a creature of great strength and endurance – climbing hills and roaming rugged terrains as though they were simply browsing in their own back yard. This Capricorn-rules totem is great for those who need to feel the earth beneath their feet while not loosing sight of the possibilities. Obviously, this does not mean that you have to go out and get yourself a goat (unless you really, really want to…then by all means, do.), but you can buy (or make) yourself a ‘small’ totem or simple reminder of this wonderful, hill-climbing creature. A figurine, photograph, painting, or carving will do just fine. What matters most is the connection to the vision.

Capricorn sign: beaver • Beaver: The hard-working beaver is a smart and industrious creature, a builder and shaper just like its human, Capricorn counterpart. The beaver lives near ponds and rivers in a dam-like structure that he himself builds. The ‘braininess’ of this animal is evident in this set up because not only does he build a place where birds, fish, and plants can dwell, but also manages to use that very same space as his own ‘little feeding ground.’ Now how smart is that?! As a totem, the Beaver can increase ones earthy energy and is a helpful ally to call on for a boost in security, wealth, and hominess. So if you know someone who could use a bit of structured support, the beaver is the ‘man’ (or woman) for the job.

• Woodpecker: With their amazingly strong bills, woodpeckers have the ability to bore holes in wood and feed off of insects hiding in the cracks. And with their mighty claws, they have the strength to climb up and down trees without even a second thought. The woodpecker is also quite persistent, a trait that is evident in his rhythmic tapping sounds as he diligently works to feed himself. This tenacity and endurance are the same two qualities that this bird can inspire in others. The presence of a woodpecker can help strengthen an individual’s will, drive, and purpose, and help him move toward his goals. But it is during times when life has become entirely erratic, that this little creature can be especially useful. The symbolic presence of a woodpecker can help the capricorn sign regain a sense of rhythm and timing and get back to a steady daily existence.


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