Flirting Body Language:
A subtle language that flows, teases, and entices…

'Flirting body language' …tease, tease, and tease some more…be the seductive goddess you were meant to be!

Flirting Body Language: note for Gentlemen

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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I hate to admit it, but during my youth, I was a MAJOR tease.

I know, isn’t that terrible? Shame on me! But how can something so terrible feel so good?

I would get such a rush from knowing that I could attract any man I wanted without saying a single word – it was truly amazing!

Those experiences made me realize that it wasn’t only the 'voice' that could entice and draw people in, but that the body had its own magical powers that were possibly even more magnificent and sultry.

The reason I say that, is because many of my 'admirers' never heard me say a single word. So there must have been something about my language, my 'flirting body language,' that spoke to them on a subconscious level.

Flirting Body Language: Sexy me!

How cool is that?

I bet you’re perplexed by what exactly is 'flirting body language,' right? Well, let me first tell you what it’s not:

•it’s not throwing yourself onto someone,
•it’s not dressing in a vulgar way, and
•it’s not behaving provocatively.

What it is is a subtle language that flows, teases and entices through inconspicuous, invisible gestures that only a little angel can see.

I know we’re all gals and understand what all of this means to us. However, let’s take a look at flirting body language from a guy’s perspective.

Actually, before we continue, take a look at the 'eyes' section of the RomanceIt! Model. It'll be a good intro for what I’m about to say.

Men are visual creatures. They absolutely are. I have proof! You want to know what kind of proof? Well, I have an extensive list of confessions from my male friends, acquaintances, and significant others confirm.

How's that for hypothesis confirmation? :-)

Men worship the female body as though it were a bible...or their own personal god. And the interesting part is, while most of us gals are worrying about putting on a few extra pounds; our male counterparts couldn’t care less (within reason of course).

For them, the female body is a perfect specimen…desired with all its various flaws and imperfections.

Men love our hair, our legs, our necks, our backs, our breasts, our butts, our lips, our shoulders, our eyes, our stomachs, our belly-buttons, and anything else attached to our body.

Their eyes are connected to their hearts, souls, and spirits and are the keepers of their 'arousal box'.

And it is for that very reason, that we need to use our 'flirting body language' if we are to unlock that box and entice them into our seductive webs.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say that you and your significant other decided to stay in for the evening. The natural tendency would be to put on something lose and comfortable, because after all, you’re just spending a relaxing evening with a person who’s seen you at your best and worst. Am I right?

But why not try something different? Instead of putting on an old t-shirt that chokes you at the neck, try wearing a loose sweatshirt that has a tendency to fall off the shoulder slightly (hint, hint)? As you bend over the table to serve him dinner, have one side of the sweatshirt simply slide off to the side, exposing your soft, silky, aromatic shoulder.

I know, it seems like nothing. But trust me, it will get his ‘creative juices’ flowing almost immediately.

Let’s see, how else can we torture HIM and make him beg for mercy??? Just kidding! We love those handsome hunks of ours! We don’t want to see them sweat. Or do we?

Honestly though...flirting body language can be anything from…

•the tilt of your head…
•to the move of your hand…
•to the sway of your back…
•and anything and everything that’s uniquely sensual about you.

It’s your way of letting your soul connect to the physical world and most importantly, to the one you love. Use your imagination and listen to your body.

Nurture your seductiveness and let it guide you to a place of undeniable bliss.

Your body is one of the most incredible gifts (and tools) that god has given you and I want you to remember that. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Flirting body language exists within all of us, just waiting patiently to hear its name called. So go ahead, summons its presence…use your body wisely to creating that incredible romantic life that you were always meant to live.


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