Gemini sign:
"LivingIt!" Gemini Style

Create the trendy, changeable, and sociable place that the Gemini sign dreams of and become a soul mate for life!

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•The Home:
The words that describe the Gemini individual the most are communication, sociability, variety, and change. So it is only fitting that this individual’s home resemble a similar set of qualities. Most Geminis love parties and gatherings. They thrive in an environment that is constantly on the go as they are and would enjoy living in the city much more than they would in the country. The Gemini sign home needs variety and space as does the rest of their life, so ideally the home should have enough room for maneuvering and hosting large gatherings.

Gemini sign: Uncluttered space with plenty of light An uncluttered space with plenty of light is important as are a large number of bookshelves for holding their collection of books and magazines. This individual is usually not that interested in interior design, so modern designs with simple neutral colors would do just fine. A futon with a few small seat arrangements around it allowing for a quick chit chat would be great. Also, a few fun, multicolored nick-knacks arranged imperfectly around the house would be perfect to satisfy their desire for variety.

Décor suggestions:
•Art and Ornaments:
As I mentioned before, the Gemini sign individual is most likely a city dweller, enjoying the new, trendy, and different that the city has to offer. In a way, their home décor might have the same type of futuristic touch and feel.

Gemini sign: Modern art, colorful, bright picture One might find the latest trends in modern art; colorful, bright pictures; posters transformed into art-form; and sleek long-necked glass or metal vases, just to name a few possibilities. Mirrors would also be an understandable choice for decoration because they create the illusion of space that the Gemini sign's soul so badly craves and reflect a duality that the native possesses within himself.

•Flowers and plants
Since the Gemini individual tends to socialize more outside the home than inside of it, it might not be such a bad idea to keep live flowers to a minimum. Flowers need caring and attention which the Gemini soul might not have time to provide, so a few hand-picked artificial plants might provide the perfect solution. If however, their heart is still set on fresh flowers, the ideal choice would be any type of Lilly variety, especially Lilly-of-the-valley.

The Gemini bedroom should stick to the minimalist approach – simple, functional, and unfussy. There should be plenty of wardrobe space to prevent unnecessary clutter and to leave enough room for movement. The furniture could be an eclectic mix of different styles that fit according to their expression and not necessarily their specific style. In addition, the pieces might have an element of ‘lightness’ to them so that they could easily be rearranged once in a while (easy fix for the Gemini variety bug!). The curtains, however, should be a bit on the heavy side to keep the light out…even a Gemini needs some sleep sometime. The color palate is usually more on the pastel side but a few hints of multicolor tints would fit in nicely with the décor style as well.

Gemini sign: Kitchen •Kitchen
The kitchen is not a place where the Gemini sign will spend most of his time. It is simply a space for the quick preparation of auderves for guests that arrive unexpectedly. Therefore, the kitchen should be simple and not too heavy – light wood, minimal accessories, extremely functional, bright colors…you get the idea. There should also be adequate storage space so there’s plenty of room for moving around. A breakfast bar might be a good idea so that the Gemini individual can socialize while preparing his meals. A television set is also a must for the kitchen for those moments of solitude. To sum up, there should always be plenty of snacks, wine glasses, and liquor around just in case company stops by, which most likely, will be the case.

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Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade,. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Gemini soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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