Gemini Symbol:
“TouchingIt!” Gemini Style

Use a Gemini symbol to remind the Gemini soul of its versatile nature...

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• Coyote: The first of the Gemini symbols is the howling Coyote who has become known to the Native American culture for being quite the trickster. Legend has it that the Coyote is much less fearsome then his reputation and is actually the one who plays games. Most of the time, he runs around turning everything upside down and symbolically makes everyone around him see new take on reality. Sound like a Gemini you know? ;-) Therefore, having a Coyote replica around could help one develop a sense of play as well as a sense of light and dark duality. In addition, he can help with strengthening one’s communication function and elevating one's overall level of intelligence. Not too bad for a trickster, is it? Obviously you’re not going to go out and get yourself a real Coyote. But you can find yourself a small reminder of one. A keychain, photograph, painting, or carving will do just fine. What matters most is the connection to the vision.

Gemini sign: fox • Fox: “Sly as a fox” … Yes, I think the Gemini soul individual has heard those words more times than he cares to remember. Well, there's a good reason for it. The reason is that the fox is also one of the Gemini symbols and happens to be ruled by the Gemini sign of the zodiac. Fitting? Maybe. You tell me. Foxes are quick, hard to pin down, and are able to outrun the slyest of their comrades. They’re nocturnal creatures at hear and prefer to hunt for their meals while everyone else is enjoying a good night’s sleep. And if that wasn't enough, they are also extremely smart. Symbolically speaking, the fox represents agility, quick intelligence, slyness, secretiveness, and humor. So if you know someone who needs to add a bit of spontaneity and laughter to their life, the fox is the man, or woman, for the job. ;-)

Gemini sign: butterfly • Butterfly: The exquisite and evasive butterfly…this beauty of a creature is also a Gemini symbol ruled by the airy Gemini sign of the zodiac. In addition to it's magnificent splendor, the butterfly also possesses a mysterious side. It is one of the few living things of the world (might even be the only one) that actually goes through a complete metamorphosis of the self. And if that wasn't magnificent enough, the butterfly is also an organism that propels itself purely on solar power. Yes, solar power! Did you know that it has to warm itself to 81 degrees before it can fly? I sure didn’t! It is the butterfly’s spirit, magic touch, and playful presence that make it an ideal Gemini symbol and one that has enormous power to bring joy into person’s life. So, if you know someone who needs to reawaken his heart…or a simply needs a spiritual journey into his own soul...the butterfly should be your symbolic offering.

• Dragonfly: As does the Gemini sign that rules it, the dragonfly darts from place to place within a matter of milliseconds. It’s long, slender, and multicolored body is usually difficult to miss as it whizzes by to its next destination. The very presence of this energetic creature can help quicken ones tempo and bring life and vitality back to a hum-drum existence. Dragonflies are ideal totems and a great Gemini symbol to have around when precision and directness in thought and action are desired as well as the unlocking of an adventuresome and fun-loving spirit.

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