Leo sign:
Crystals and stones for the Leo soul

Crystals and stones for the Leo sign soul (Symbolism taken from “The Crystal Zodiac,” by Judy Hall):

1. The Protective Tiger’s Eye and Cat’s Eye: Both stones represent the radiant bright energy that the Leo personality is famous for. After all, Leo does rule one of the brightest ‘pearls’ of the universe – the Sun. Both the Cat’s eye and the Tiger’s eye resonate with your strong personality and help facilitate the constructive manifestation of your strong will. The mission of the Leo North Node soul is to develop self-empowerment instead of power over others and the Tiger’s Eye is the perfect companion for such an important journey. The Tiger’s Eye is also known for promoting latent talents and unleashing creative abilities of those who wear it.

2. The Brilliant Topaz: The sunny Topaz can help the Leo North Node individual overcome limitations and gain the recognition he/she so badly craves. Leos are natural performers. They want the ‘star role’ on life’s stage. And the Golden ‘Imperial’ Topaz is the right stone for the job. Wearing it will bestow charisma and confidence on it’s beholder and will allow him/her to take pride in achievement without becoming boastful.

3. Stones for the Leo Heart: The Rose Quartz, The Ruby, and the Rhodochrosite: The Leo sign represents strong emotions, especially those revolving around sex and sexuality. Also, a ‘Leo persona’ tends to hold on to emotional hurts, retreating into a wounded dignity whenever threatened. Those moments call out for the Rose Quartz and the Rhodochrosite. These two stones are powerful emotional healers. When placed over the heart, they can draw out the pain, and release the aching from deep within. The Rhodochrosite is also an excellent instrument for encouraging spontaneous expression of passion. Ideal for times when erotic desires feel blocked and need a bit of revitalization. Now if it’s encouragement to open the heart and follow its path that you need, the powerfully seductive Ruby is the one you need. It has the potential not only to fire-up the love life, but to reinvent any relationship that lost its oomph. Try it. It works!

4. Leo’s Soul Pathway Stone – the Morganite: The Leo soul path is to own and express power while still retaining humility and heart-centeredness. The Morganite (Pink Beryl) can help the Leo North Node on this journey by gently cleansing the heart and opening it up to unconditional love. The result being the dissolving of any unwanted egotism and a clearer path to spiritual advancement.

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