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Leo Sign: Greeting for Gentlemen

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• Almond: Almonds are sweet yet bitter little nuts; a combination that closely resembles the spirit it can bring into our lives.

Small and dense, the almond is packed with potential energy that can help us stimulate our own desire for action as well as give us the strength and courage to follow through with that decision.

It’s no wonder why the almond is ruled by the courageous king of the jungle – the Lion. To find some delicious recipes using almonds, go to CDKitchen.com

Leo Sign: Lemon • Lemon: What better representation of the sun could we have than the beautiful, bright, and yellow lemon?

The Leo sign of the zodiac is the natural ruler of the sun, a planet that in astrological terms represents the personality of an individual.

While sun signs and personalities can vary from sign to sign, the potential for the individual to get stuck in a rut does not; a situation that sometimes requires a bit of assistance.

The lemon can be that ideal assistant. Why? Because the lemon can have a revitalizing and refreshing affect on us, renewing our stagnant emotions and zest for life…opening our hearts and souls to the beauty of existence.

Imagine how much brighter you can become if you add a little sugar! ;-)

To find some aromatic recipes using lemons, go to CDKitchen.com

Other foods and herbs for inspiring the regal Leo spirit:

Leo Sign: Salmon • Oranges and bananas

• foods to promote courage such as honey, sweet corn, olives, salmon, and mullet

• Herbs and spices include coriander, cinnamon, saffron, and rosemary.

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