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Libra sign: Sweet and Sour Apples • Apple: Like the balanced Libra personality itself, apples possess the perfect mix of sweet and sour tastes.

Sour apples tend to be more stimulating for the digestive system, while the sweet ones are more nourishing because of their nutrient content. But whether sweet or sour, both sorts are known to (symbolically) release anger and fear, especially when it comes to love.

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Libra sign: Bananas • Banana: Bananas happen to be one of my favorite fruits. I don’t know whether it’s their texture or simply their velvety sweet taste, but what ever it is, I love them.

Bananas have a cooling affect on the body and are great for people who feel a bit weak and need a bit of extra blood sugar. They’re light and bright and can fill any day with sweetness and joy.

No wonder they’re ruled by the Libra sign of the zodiac – a sign that’s one of the most pleasing and harmonizing of all the twelve signs.

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Other foods and herbs for inspiring the harmonizing Libra spirit:

• foods to promote balance are: yams, tomatoes, beans, sweat potatoes, all autumn fruits and berries, mangos, pumpkins, and squash

• Herbs and spices include mint, thyme, and vanilla.


Unfortunately, all I can offer you here are little tidbits of information. The reason being is that if we were to delve deeper into this subject, we could discuss it till eternity.

However, if you're REALLY INTERESTED in learning more about the healing and empowering relationship between certain foods and your own zodiac soul sign, I strongly suggest that you take a look at Jonathan Keyes's book, "Guide to Natural Health -- Using the Horoscope as a Key to Ancient Healing Practices "

Most of the information on this page comes from Jonathan’s book, so if you found it interesting, you should find his book quite useful as well. Use it to jump start your journey toward spiritual and physical well-being.

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