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•The Home:
The Libra sign home will usually be a perfect depiction of beauty, balance, harmony, and peace – all elements that are part of this individual’s soul as well. The ambiance will be elegant, relaxed, and simple, usually focusing on one central theme in order to prevent potential chaos. One theme that the Libra individual might especially be fond of is that of the orient – simple, straight line, spacious, cool, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Contrast between wall color/lighting and the furniture is a welcomed idea. Natural textures are preferred to more synthetic off-beat ones. And the use of pictures and other decorative wall pieces should be kept to a minimum. Less distraction and more focus is the key to the Libran harmonious home.

Décor suggestions:

Libra sign: Chinese calligraphy •Art and Ornaments:
As suggested above, the philosophy behind a Libra’s décor style is; “less is definitely more.” Art and ornaments should be kept to a minimum for maximum impact. Central pieces that catch the eye and calm the senses are an excellent choice. If to stay with the style of the orient, Chinese calligraphy or other similar striking wall pieces would be an excellent choice. Black or white ceramic pieces would be another welcomed addition. And if black or white doesn’t fit the decorative palate, the use of other contrasting colors would be preferred to those of a closer blend. One other possibility is a floral theme that could include orchids, lotus flowers, or bamboo.

Libra sign loves the elegance and simplicity of most plants. But if we had to choose favorites, the following would be the preferred choices: Lilies and African Violets (ruled by the Libra sign), Bamboo stems, Flowering Orchids, and the one and only exquisite and Spiritual Bonsai. Other flowers that connect to the Libra soul include: Hydrangeas, Large Roses, and Violets. Tree selections include: Ash, Balm, Poplar, and Grape Vine.

Libra sign: Straight-lined bedroom •Bedroom
To picture the ideal Libran bedroom, we must again close our eyes and imagine the Oriental motif – a simple, straight-lined, minimalist approach to style. The bed should be close to the floor without a significant headboard, a plain futon might do nicely. The floor should be in its natural wood form or if circumstances allow, a bamboo laminate version would be even better. If a rug is preferred to bare flooring, a striking or ribbed motif to contrast the subtle colors of the room would fit quite well. Furniture should be light in texture, wicker would be one possibility. Wooden or cane blinds would compliment this décor style as well as would a few baskets unevenly placed around the room (good idea for removing unwanted clutter and upholding the elegant ambiance).

Linra sign: Kitchen •Kitchen
The kitchen should be as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the house. Even though most of the small gathering will probably take place in the living room, the kitchen should still flow nicely into the entertaining space. Contrasting light and dark colors will provide the balance the Libra soul is searching for. Slate or granite for the counter tops will offer the strength and powerful lines that are needed. Dark wood or bamboo will balance the Feng Shui elements required for a harmonious home. And an intricately decorated China set will please the eye of this aesthetically inclined individual as well as complete the beautiful ambiance of his sacred home.

Keywords: Contrast, fashion, flowers, guests, jewelry, upper airy rooms, wardrobes


Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Libra soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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