Libra sign:
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Use the Libra sign symbols to remind the Libra soul of its harmonious nature...

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• Deer: The friendly, beautiful, and agile Deer is ruled by the Libra sign of the zodiac. Cautious by nature, a deer can dart out from where it stands within a matter of seconds, leaving only specks of dust in its trail. It is this very gift of the senses, especially of the nose, that makes them so attuned to minute changes in their environment and gives them the ability to react at such lightening speed. As a result, the deer has been symbolically linked to qualities such as swiftness, agility, and heightened senses and is called upon when grace, perceptiveness, and caution are needed to achieve a certain goal. Obviously, this does not mean that you have to go out and get yourself a deer (I hope that you don’t), but you can buy (or make) yourself a ‘small’ totem or reminder of this wonderful, good-hearted creature. A keychain figurine, photograph, painting, or carving will do just fine. What matters most is the connection to the vision.

Libra sign: rabbit
• Rabbit: It is the Rabbits ability to breed and proliferate in high numbers that lends its symbolic meaning to the ever famous ‘rabbit’s foot’ totem. Not only is this little charm known for bringing good luck to those who own it, but it also has an ancient connection to areas related to passion, fertility, and childbirth. It’s quite a coincidence (or not) that the sign of Libra, ruler of this furry creature, is the sign of the zodiac that rules human relations. Isn’t that interesting? So, if you know someone who’s expecting or is trying to get pregnant, the rabbit is your guy.

• Dove: The gentle, elegant Dove is another magnificent specimen rules by the Libra sign. Better known as the ‘dove of peace,’ doves help us get in touch with the gentle and soothing energy within ourselves. It is a bird that is symbolically associated with femininity, grace, and fertility and is a wonderful gift (totem) to give especially to a woman who is wishing to heal her relationship with her own sexuality.

Libra sign: swan • Swan: The delicate yet stately Swan is one of the most beautiful creatures on this earth. Pearl white and elegant, it glides over waters as though nothing can stand in its way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if somehow this ‘symbolic optimism’ could seep into our own lives? Well, it can! The Swan can help us reopen our hearts and view life from a fresh perspective…melting away hardened scars of years lived and replacing them with a sense of peace and tranquility. Whether a picture or statuette, the presence of a swan can only change your life for the better. What’s holding you back?


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