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•The Home:
The Pisces sign of the zodiac rules oceans and seas, so it only follows that this ‘sea-creature’s’ home would have quite a bit of the water element in it. The Pisces home is usually warm and welcoming without too much structure, even a bit on the chaotic side. Tidiness is not one of the words in this individual’s vocabulary, but a word that they might want to familiarize themselves with because they might actually find its affect to be quite grounding. Colors that resonate with the Pisces home include: sea green, aquamarine, lilac, and mauve. Metals that support their sense of style include; platinum, tin, and zinc. And textures to soothe their souls are those that resemble the ‘invisible touch’ of chiffon. If we stick to general rules, a home that was warm and cozy, surrounded by greenery, and overlooking the ocean would be the dream retreat that this creative, kind, and intuitive soul subconsciously craves.

Décor suggestions:

Pisces sign: aquatic theme •Art and Ornaments:
As does the rest of the house, the ornamentation of the Pisces sign home will more than likely emphasize the watery theme. Sea shells, star fish, corals, and mother of pearl artifacts will cover most of the nooks and crannies of this humble abode. Paintings, photographs, and collages that depict the ocean or other aquatic themes are also a favorite of this universal and spiritual creature as are fish tanks and little indoor water fountains.

•Flowers and Plants:
Pisces love plants almost as much as they love the ocean. Ok, you got me. Nothing comes close to their love for the ocean. In general, however, aquatic plants will thrive nicely in the Piscean home as will larger, leafy, rainforest plants. Beautiful crafted glass or ceramic vases filled with a few coastal flowers would be a wonderful addition to this home’s décor as well.

Pisces sign: lightness, brightness, and ease •Bedroom:
The Piscean bedroom is the true depiction of a beachside cottage. Pastel colors that shine like the sun, see-through white cotton blinds that gently blow in the wind, and a fluffy white cotton rug to tickle the feet are just a few of the items that can be found in a Pisces sign bedroom. The furniture will probably be a mix of miss-matched pieces, some distressed, some rugged, but most picked up at garage sales, country shops, or by the side of the road. The key to their happiness is lightness, brightness, and ease…and that applies to their life as well as their home. A plain, painted white, pine bed…plain cotton bedding and sheets…comfy pillows with a few embroidered flowers on the pillow case...and there you go…the Piscean dream.

Pisces sign: small, plain light wood kitchen •Kitchen:
Pisces sign people are not materialist and therefore quite happy with the simple things in life. So this individual will not mind to have a small kitchen with just the bare necessities. He will actually prefer it. Because the smaller the space, the less ‘mandatory duty’ for him to fulfill. Plain light wood or pine would do nicely for this kitchen with tints of blue and lilac sprinkled throughout. A few rope artifacts and some distressed cabinets and shelving would also fit this décor style quite well. Light, bright, fresh, and airy with a touch of water…what else does a Pisces soul need?

Keywords: aquariums, fountains, mazes, sand, sea, veils, water


Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Pisces soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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