Pisces sign:
“TouchingIt!” Pisces Style

Use the Pisces sign symbols to remind the Pisces soul of its spiritual nature...

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Pisces sign: dolphin • Dolphin: This friendly, chatty, and intuitive creature of the water is ruled by the Pisces sign of the zodiac. A supreme swimmer, the dolphin explores the depths of the ocean as though it was his own, private little playground. Twisting and turning as he whizzes by, the dolphin always manages to keep his buddies close by. What fun would life be if it wasn’t shared with those near and dear? As a symbolic totem, the dolphin is wonderful choice for inviting a bit of playfulness, intelligence, and group activity into ones daily existence. Obviously, this does not mean that you have to go out and get yourself a real dolphin (is that legal???), but you can buy (or make) yourself a ‘small’ totem or reminder of this friendly, kind-hearted being. A keychain, figurine, photograph, painting, or carving will do just fine. What matters most is the connection to the vision.

Pisces sign: otter • Otter: Another Piscean creature of the water, the Otter lives in rivers and lakes, frolicking freely as he sees fit. Otters are skillful divers, swimmers, and navigators of the ‘liquid world’ and are great totems for those attracted to or living on water. In addition, their symbolic presence can act as a guide when one needs to smoothly maneuver through uncharted territory, successfully avoiding all potential obstacles. Most importantly, it is the spirit with which the Otter makes all of this possible…a spirit of delight, elation, and joy, that makes him so irresistible. Hurray! So if you know someone who could use a bit of serendipity in their life, the ‘spunky’ Otter is your ‘man’ (or woman) for the job.

• Great Blue Heron: The Herron is a long-legged, thick-necked water bird that majestically and gracefully finds its way across rivers and lakes while it catches its next feast. These birds make great totems for people who need or want a bit more beauty, charm, and elegance in their lives. They symbolize a dichotomy of frailty and power existent in all of nature and can strengthen ones sense of grounding and inherent wisdom.


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