A Romantic Anniversary Idea
Painted With Love

"A romantic anniversary idea...what am I going to do?" thought Jake as he looked through the pages of various women's magazines...

Romantic Anniversary Ideas: Paintings

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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What I’m about to tell you is actually a true story. It’s about Jake’s secret search for an anniversary gift for me which ended with a final product that I will never forget.

Jake’s romantic anniversary idea did take a lot of thinking, planning, and error making, but it truly was one of his most romantic and creative ideas to date.

I hope Jake’s idea will inspire you to create an unforgettable romantic anniversary idea of your own.

“He knew I loved chocolates and flowers, but these just weren’t the romantic anniversary gifts that he needed.”

It's been many years since Jake and I first met and fell in love and how things have changed! Regular life stuff has taken its toll somewhat and now Jake was faced with the task of coming up with a romantic anniversary idea to show just how much he loved me.

Romantic anniversary idea: Bunch of Hearts Two weeks and counting and Jake still had no idea what to get me. He knew I loved chocolates and flowers, but these just weren’t the romantic anniversary gifts that he needed.

He began thinking: “What’s the one thing Jule (me) would really appreciate; the one thing that would say I love you more than life itself?”

He finally had an idea; he remembered that when we first met, I loved to paint. Could he find a romantic anniversary idea in my paintings? Jake knew that if he was caught sifting through my paintings I would automatically become suspicious, so he had to plan all his moves carefully.

Later on he confessed that every time I left the house, he would sneak up to the attic and start going through the paintings. He even told me that he had forgotten just how talented I was until he came across a painting he had never seen.

Romantic anniversary idea: Jule, the artist! It was a painting I had done shortly after we met. Here was Jake looking at himself, long hair, scruffy jeans, “God, those were the days” he said as he placed the painting to one side.

“He had it; he had come up with the perfect romantic anniversary idea…”

I had so many wonderful paintings (not conceited…just using his words ;-) all of which depicted a special event in our relationship, from our first country walk, to that holiday in Turkey, these paintings told our story, Jake had the perfect anniversary gift and the best romantic anniversary idea ever.

Romantic anniversary idea: Me again...at the hairdresser! A few phone calls were all it took to organize everything. Now all Jake had to do was get me out of the house for a day. He arranged for me to have my hair done at my hairdressers and everything was set.

His friend Larry arrived and the two began putting together his romantic anniversary idea.

Larry took photographs of all of my paintings and Jake explained his romantic anniversary idea in detail. He wanted to create an album of my paintings that would be a walk through our lives together. With everything explained, Larry left to begin his work.

Jake had one final element left to complete for his romantic anniversary idea: a painting studio for me (see how lucky I am ;-). He had already placed an order for everything he needed and the delivery was due the same time I had my hair appointment, just enough time for him to get everything ready and collect the album from Larry before I came home.

“…as Jake pulled a blindfold from his pocket I knew that there was something more.”

Our anniversary day arrived and I was very curious as to what Jake had planned. He hadn’t told me much, except that it was the perfect romantic anniversary idea and something I would never expect.

Romantic anniversary idea: Say it with flowers I was used to receiving flowers and being taken out for dinner so I really had no idea what this romantic anniversary idea was.

As Jake arrived downstairs that morning with a bunch of flowers and a card, I thought that he had just been playing a trick on me, that there was no romantic anniversary idea, that it had all been a joke, but as Jake pulled a blindfold from his pocket I knew that there was something more.

“Put this on honey, and come with me” said Jake in a seductive tone. I was curious, “What’s all this” I said. “Just put it on and come with me” he said, “I have a surprise for you.” He led me up the stairs and towards the attic. He removed the blindfold and told me to go inside. Looking totally confused I did as asked and as I stepped into the attic I gasped: “Oh my God Jake” I said “It’s beautiful.”

“I was in awe, I really couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Romantic anniversary idea: My paintings!! Inside the attic Jake really had made the most of his romantic anniversary idea, for here it was an artist’s studio complete with all the arts supplies I could need. My paintings were hung on the walls and everything looked amazing. I was in awe, I really couldn’t believe my eyes.

“When did you get the chance to do all this” I asked. “While you were away” Jake answered “and there’s more” he said as he handed me a box. I opened it to find the album, a perfect album that depicted every aspect of our wonderful life together.

“This really is the most perfect romantic anniversary idea” I said as I kissed him. And it really was.

Well, that's my story. I hope you find a way to turn it into your own romantic anniversary idea.

Each of us has at least one dream buried deep within our soul. Your job is to discover your partner's secret wish and bring it to life. The rest of the celebration will be a piece of cake. I promise.

So think, ask, observe, contact family members and friends, and reminisce about the old times. You'll be amazed by the list of dreams you find.


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