The Romantic Birthday Idea:
"a key ingredient in the feast called life"

When it comes to a romantic birthday idea, we all have a somewhat different view...

Romantic birthday idea: Special Greeting for Gentlemen

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For some it might be a romantic candle lit dinner or a night at the movies. For others, a romantic birthday idea might simply mean spending time with the one they love.

I guess things such as romantic ideas are individual and tend to change over time.

Intimacy begins to win over excitement, creativity over expenditure, and personalization over fads.

Romantic birthday idea: Ahh ...the life!! I guess as life progresses, we begin to view things differently and are able to treasure the more simple and meaningful moments.

Having said that, I know you’re here to get some real ideas, not to hear one gal’s philosophy on life. So that is exactly what I plan to give you.

I’m going to tell you about a romantic birthday idea that Jake absolutely loved and one that I know your mate will love as well.

I know what you’re about to say, “…people have different tastes and interests…how can this work for me?” Yes, you’re right. People are different. But I think for the most part, they, and we, are all moved by similar things in life. So even if this idea doesn’t work for you in its entirety, you can create a great romantic birthday idea out of it just by doing a bit of tweaking.

OK, so let me tell you how this specific romantic birthday idea came about.

Romantic Birthday Idea: Jake...chef!? Jake loves to cook and experiment with different foods, the only problem is that he’s r not that great at it, but hey he tries so that’s all that matters. ;-)

One year, I decided that a great romantic birthday idea for Jake would be to get him a set of Cooking Classes.

I knew he would really enjoy them and at the end of the lessons we could plan a romantic dinner for two (so that he could practice his culinary skills, of course ;-).

Things went well and my idea was taking shape. I had booked the lessons which were operated by the chic Camaje Bistro in East Village, NY and I was really looking forward to surprising him on his birthday.

Now, if you’ve read some of my work, you already know that I couldn’t just send Jake for cooking lessons.

What I teach you in the RomanceIt! Model for gift-giving always applies to my own gifts as well. This meant that I had to present this gift to Jake in a very special way in order for it to be a truly romantic birthday gift. I thought and thought, and this is what I came up with:

Romantic birthday idea: Chef hat I bought a recipe box (a box full of empty cards where you can write your own favourite recipes) and wrote the list of ingredients for Erik Blauberg’s aphrodisiac recipe which consisting of raw oysters served with cucumber, lime and dill dressing.

Then, right under the recipe instructions, I decided to write: “You’ll figure it out after your cooking lessons at ...” Then I took the box and wrapped it together with all of the ingredients needed for that recipe.

No, I didn’t forget the chef’s hat. But thank you for the reminder. ;-)

FYI: For those of you who don’t know who Erik Blauberg is, he’s a famous chef at the '21' Club in New York City. You can find this mouth-watering recipe and many others at:

As you may have guessed, Jake was completely surprised. Turns out my romantic birthday idea fulfilled one of his most desired wishes, although he would never have asked for it himself.

Romantic birthday idea: a romantic meal He completed his lessons, got his certificate, and cooked us both the most fabulous romantic dinner complete with a starter, main course, and a dessert. Yum.

Give it some thought. Your present doesn’t have to be cooking lessons. Maybe your partner prefers the thrill of racing cars. If that’s the case, your romantic birthday idea could include a day of racing instead of cooking. Is it a day of fishing out on the lake with you that your partner would prefer? That could be a very romantic birthday idea as well.

Romantic birthday ideas are everywhere. Just have to make sure that your’s touches your recipient’s heart.

That’s what being romantic is all about…it’s about knowing each other, knowing what makes the other person smile, knowing what makes them tick, and most of all knowing how to show them that you love them.

Romantic birthday idea: Creativity...

Be creative, be romantic, be inspired, and find that romantic birthday idea that’s going to put a sparkle to your partner’s eyes and a tingle in their stomach. Make them wonder how it is that you know them so well.

There’s almost nothing as satisfying as realizing that your partner really gets you.

Bring a bit if romance to your birthday ideas. Because after all, without romance, what else is there?


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