A Romantic Birthday Idea:
“A wish come to life”

Saying I love you with a romantic birthday idea is a great way to keep the flames of love burning strong and bright...

Romantic Birthday Idea: Special Greeting for Gentlemen

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Anyone who has ever been in a relationship has had to cope with birthdays.

It gets a bit difficult to come up with fresh ideas after a while, doesn’t it?

Well, have you ever thought of using a romantic birthday idea from your own imagination instead of just going out and buying a present?

Let’s face it, we can all buy a card and a gift. However, it is only your special touch that can turn that gift and the birthday itself into a combo that will be remembered for life.

Such a creation might take a bit more work…but oh will it be worth your time.

Sometimes it might seem as though buying a blank birthday card and filling it with a special message will do the trick. And most probably for one or two birthdays it will.

Romantic Birthday Idea: Birthdays to come!! But what about all the birthdays to come? After all, they do keep coming and each one does deserve its own unique celebration.

I’ve always tried to use personalized birthday ideas throughout my relationship with Jake, and I have to admit I’ve hit some rough spots but also have had some really great results.

Not only has Jake had a great birthday, but I’ve been able to show him just how much I love him by taking a little extra time and putting a little extra thought into his birthday gifts.

I hit that roadblock a long time ago. So you can only imagine how much practice I’ve had trying to think of new romantic birthday ideas to celebrate Jake’s presence in the world.

“I handed him his card along with a sailor’s hat I had wrapped.”

There is one romantic birthday idea in particular that springs to mind and one that may inspire you to wiz together your own creation the next time your partner’s birthday rolls around. Maybe not, but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

Romantic Birthday Idea: He loves to sail! Jake loves the water and loves to sail, so this was the inspiration for my romantic birthday idea.

We had been sailing a few times but it had always been with friends or family and never on our own. So I asked myself, “what about a day on a boat?” It would be just the two of us on our own boat.

This was sure to be a truly romantic birthday idea an excellent way of showing Jake just how much he meant to me.

The morning of Jake’s birthday arrived and I handed him his card along with a sailor’s hat I had wrapped. He looked confused but excited as I explained that this was only part of the surprise.

“…we docked back in the harbour later that evening, we cuddled into each other as we watched the sun go down.”

We drove for about an hour before reaching the harbour and as we stepped out of the car I could see the look of anticipation on his face. “Here you go, Captain” I said as I tossed him the keys to the boat I had chartered.

My romantic birthday idea was really going according to plan. As we boarded the boat Jake turned and kissed me and as he moved away he told me that he loved me. “Me too” I replied “happy birthday.”

Romantic birthday idea: Here you go Captain! Our day was perfect. Jake got to sail the boat and I got a chance to relax and prepare a romantic lunch which we ate on board. The day went beautifully and as we docked back in the harbour later that evening, we cuddled into each other as we watched the sun go down.

It really was a truly romantic birthday idea and the ideal way to say I love you without saying a word.

You see, a very simple idea but definitely one with a lot of oomph. And that’s the point.

Your romantic birthday idea doesn’t have to be extravagant. But what it must be is a reflection of your mate’s hopes, dreams, or secret wishes.

I knew that Jake loved to sail and had always dreamed of sailing on his own. So my idea was kind of a no-brainer. Maybe your partner has a similar, unfulfilled wish that with a little thought and preparation you could make come true.

Romantic Birthday Idea: My old rocker Does he want to sail the vast ocean? Does he want to pitch for a major league baseball team? Does he want to play his guitar in his own private music studio? Think of what your mate’s secret urges are and try your best satisfy them.

Some of those ideas might sound difficult to turn into reality, but believe me, with a bit of imagination and will, you can do it.

For instance, if you can’t afford to rent a sail boat, go to a nearby park and rent a row boat. Yes, it’s not exactly a sailing trip, but your man can still be the captain and you can still have a small picnic and cuddle till your hearts content.

Can’t get your mate a pitching gig with the major leaguers? Try to contact a team that’s a step down from the majors or a TV show host like Ellen or Oprah. They love to do specials about making dreams come true. Maybe your honey will be chosen as the lucky recipient.

I’m sure you got the idea by now, so I’ll just shut up. ;-)

Oh wait, no, just one more thing. Just promise me that you will always continue trying and never give up. Romantic birthday ideas are everywhere. All you have to do is see them.

Romantic Birthday Idea: Free your imagination

Free your imagination and let the dreams fly….RomanceIt!

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