Fortune cookies:
"Romantic ideas for the curious at heart"

“Transform your romantic ideas into daily shockers...never underestimate the element of surprise!”

Romantic ideas: fortune cookies

Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant?

Are you familiar with those little fortune cookies you get at the end of the meal?

Like them?

I love them! Sometimes I even ask for one before I order the food.

I don’t know why, but I can't help but play those head-games with myself. You know, the ones where you ask yourself questions and then look for clues in the environment to give you the answers.

Don’t tell me that I’m the only one who does this. I’ll feel very silly if I am.

“I sit for a moment resisting the urge to crush it, think of a question that I want answered, and only then…”

What can I do? Silly or not, that’s my procedure.

The waiter brings the fortune cookie to the table, I sit for a moment resisting the urge to crush it, think of a question that I want answered, and then, only then, do I proceed to break it open and read my fortune.

The interesting thing is that most of the time the fortune really connects to the question at hand. Of course, I don’t get a direct answer. But I do find a fresh way of looking at the same issue. And sometimes that’s enough.

I realize that I sound a bit crazy, but I live to find connections between ourselves and the universe. Somehow sensing those bonds reinforces my belief in life and brings me piece of mind.

I bet you're wondering what all of this has to do with the romantic idea of the fortune cookie, right? Well, it does. You'll see how in a bit. Just keep reading.

“What made me decide to use the fortune cookie, among other romantic ideas, as my own personal messenger?”

My passion for uncovering the mysteries of life and general interest in human nature, is what led me to use the fortune cookie as my own personal romantic idea messenger.

Romantic ideas; surprising love I understood a long time ago that people love variety, novelty, and surprises. And even if they don’t always love being caught off guard, they at the very least enjoy the thrill and invigorating emotions that go along with such unexpected action.

The fortune cookie can offer all of this and more. First, it can provide the bit of wonder and shock needed to spark your recipient's heart and leave him or her wanting more. And second, it can give you a way to share your intimate and somewhat embarrasing romantic ideas with your mate without having to blush right in front of his or her eyes. Priceless, no? ;-)

Don’t laugh…I’m being totally serious. I realize that this is just a fun game. But you can't imagine how much embarrassement it saved me and how many moments of inconceivable bliss it brought into my life. I'm telling you, this romantic idea has become one of my absolute favorites.

“Wondering how I use the fortune cookie as my personal messenger?”

Here’s an example of how I use the fortune cookie to surprise my man. Let’s say that I want us to have a romantic dinner at a specific restaurant. Not the gold medalist of romantic ideas, but it’s a start.

Romantic ideas: Gorgeous woman Instead of just telling him that tomorrow we’re going to have dinner at so and so restaurant, I write a note on a piece of paper that says something like this: “Tomorrow will be your lucky day. A gorgeous woman will ask you out for a romantic dinner. Be ready for an evening full of passion… and …great food!” Then I put that ‘prediction of the future’ inside his croissant.

Then, warm and stuffed with a secret message, the croissant (and me) patiently awaits for Jay to come down the stairs to have his breakfast. After pouring his coffee, he proceeds to pick up the croissant, tares it open, and prepares to take a bite.

What’s next? Surprise! As he's about to bite into the croissant, he sees a secret, unexpected invitation to dinner from a sensual and exotic stranger. the stranger is me. But the sexy and exotic part is true. ;-)

Surprised and excited, he throws the note into his briefcase and leaves for work with a tingling sensation in his stomach and a smile on his face. Obviously, I can’t get inside his head to tell what he was thinking. But if his thoughts were anything like mine, that would explain our eventful evening. ;-)

Anyway, that’s just one of my romantic ideas. Feel free to experiment with it as you’d like. The only thing that you have to be careful of is when you place the note in an edible item, make sure that the piece of paper is large enough to be noticed before the person bites into it and swallows it. You don’t want your message to end up in the stomach before it had a chance to work its magic, do you?

Use your imagination and give the fortune cookie idea a try. I think your man will be totally surprised and without a doubt, hooked! Bet he’ll hope for a prediction every time he sits down to eat. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will never be the same again. Guaranteed!

Always surprise him and keep him wondering...Romanceit!

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