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Romantic ideas: Mariachis

You’ve probably heard of the Mariachis. But if you haven’t, let me tell you what they are. Mariachis are a group of musicians that play guitars, violins and other traditional Mexican instruments while simultaneously singing Mexican songs.

Usually, the serenades are about love and the affect that it has on our lives. But it’s not atypical for the Mariachi musicians to tailor their repertoires to fit any desired occasion.

In Mexico, people hire Mariachis to sing happy birthday at birthday parties, declare love during anniversaries, and liven-up a hum-drum dinners during the week. Any occasion that needs a bit of spice, is a good candidate for the Mariachi band.

When I first heard about the Mariachi craze, I was hooked immediately. “What a fun way to celebrate love,” I thought to myself. And at that moment, I made the decision to customize the concept to fit my own lifestyle and idea of romance…

And so, my Mexican Style celebration was born.

Out of all the possible romantic ideas, this one is actually quite simple. All I do is hire a group of students from a local music school to translate my verbal message for Jay into a lyrical expression of my heart. It’s that simple. They sing and we melt.

I remember one anniversary when I hired a Mariachi band to serenade us while we were having dinner at home. The table was set and the band was in place as Jay walked through the front door.

Surprised and in awe, he walked right over to me, gave me a soft kiss, and asked me to dance. That night was absolutely magical, one that we’ll probably remember for the rest of our lives.

"I sent a group of young musicians to my love’s office..."

On another occasion, Jay’s birthday to be exact, I sent a group of young musicians to my love’s office (with his boss’s approval, of course) to serenade him with his favorite classical piece “The Moldava” (a Russian composition from the nineteenth century).

You should have seen the look on his face. He was absolutely speechless. OK…you caught me. I didn’t actually see his face. But I did hear about it from his co-workers. Does that count?

Over the years, I’ve experimented with many romantic ideas. Some were hits and some were not. However, whenever I use my Mexican Style celebration, the response is always positive.

I suppose there’s just something about heavenly voices singing directly to you that make them impossible to resist. Who can blame you? After all, music is the soul of the universe.

Anyway, those are my stories. But now I want you to create some of your own.


The Mexican Style celebration is an anytime, any where, any day type of romantic idea meant to be used as often as you’d like.







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Whatever the occasion, when you celebrate it “The Mexican Way,” you can’t go wrong.

Serenade your life…Romanceit!

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