Romantic Ideas:
10 simple tips for a fulfilling romantic life

"The best romantic ideas are not necessarily the most extravagant or original..."

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I’d like to tell you about a few romantic ideas that can transform your occasionally romantic life into a full-time, full-blown romantic experience.

The ideas are quite simple, so don’t worry about having to spend too much putting them into action. It is the shift in your everyday romantic attitude that will take a bit of effort and what will eventually make all the difference.

“…once I started to incorporate these romantic tips into my daily routine, the obvious ideas began looking more and more like mini pearls…”

What I will tell you may seem obvious at first. As you read each suggestion, I’m sure you’ll be saying to yourself, “what’s so novel about this?”

I had the same reaction when I first heard Martha’s little secrets to romance. But believe me when I tell you, once I started to incorporate my friend’s romantic ideas and tips into my daily routine, the obvious ideas began to looking more and more like mini pearls recently discovered from underneath the ocean floor.

To understand what makes Martha such a credible advisor, let me first tell you about her relationship with her husband: she has been married for almost 15 years; she has three children; her husband is the CEO of a huge company; and she works as an independent graphic designer.

AND… they’re still living a honeymoon!

At first I thought; how are they handling his job pressures, constant traveling, and long working hours all at once? How are they combining three kids and a romantic life? How is it that they always seem so peaceful, so in love and in such perfect harmony?

Can you guess what the answer is?

They RomanceIt!

What does that mean? Well, it means that everyday they remember that they’ve been given a precious gift of love and everyday they choose to find ways with which to sustain that love and make it grow.

Here are Martha’s top 10 romantic ideas and tips for your everyday life:

Martha’s pocket romance guide: ‘Romantic ideas for a fulfilling romantic life’

1. Go out, just the two of you, at least once a week. Go to the movies, enjoy a quite dinner, have a drink, visit the museum, or do any other activity that the both of you enjoy.

2. The first night that he comes home after a business trip, go out for a drink and have a toast to his return.

3. Any time you go on a family trip or vacation, make sure you leave some time for the two of you to be alone. Leave the kids, the mother, the mother in-law, the sister, and any other ‘companion’ along for the ride, and just spend some quality time together. A good option is to have a drink or a cup of coffee at the hotel bar after everyone goes to bed.

4. Always dress as though you are about to receive guests. Remember: your most important daily guest is your partner!

5. Have at least three different pajamas, preferable sexy ones.

6. Always wear perfume.

7. Whenever possible, go to bed together and give him a good night kiss. It is a signal of routine to go to bed first, fall asleep, and not notice when you partner joins you.

In the case that you do decide to go to bed first, leave a light on and read a book (it will help you stay awake). Wait for him to come to bed and give him a good night kiss. Only then go to sleep. (Of course ask him to do the same for you).

8. Have an only for two plan for the weekend. It doesn’t have to be something fancy or elaborate. The idea is to have a project to talk about during the week.

It could be anything from arranging the garden to restocking the wine cellar, absolutely anything. What’s important is that you have something in common to talk about besides the everyday stuff.

9. Whenever possible have breakfast together. Maybe you just have time for a cup of coffee; it doesn’t matter. What counts is the 2 to 5 minutes that you spend together before starting a new day.

10. Welcome him home and see him off at the front door with a kiss and a hug. The same should also apply when you leave for work and come back home.

You see, I told you that you already knew most of these romantic ideas. But be honest: how many of them did you actually use last week? Or even last month for that matter? If your answer is anything less than 100%, start working on it!

“You can have everything, so why settle for anything less?”

Remember -- the best romantic ideas are not necessarily the most extravagant or original. On the contrary, they're actually quite simple. They are romantic ideas that are humble and discrete, able to feed your love daily without even being noticed. How's that for power!

So I guess all I have to say is that if Martha and Mathew can do it, you can do it too!

Begin your love journey today….just RomanceIt!

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