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•The Home:
The words that are associated the most with the Sagittarius sign of the zodiac are: freedom, expansion, learning, and travel. So it would not be an unusual occurrence if this individual did not spend too much time at home or on the décor of his humble abode. As a result, the typical Sagittarius home will not be too stylish, more relaxed if anything. The countryside, open spaces, and large properties are preferredby this individual to the stone silhouette of a city dwelling. Not a surprise since a Sagittarius sign soul craves movement in thought and action more than anything else in life. The home will usually have a comfortable, lived-in feel with lots of bookshelves to hold the volumes he has collected over the years. A fireplace might also be present for its warmth and reflection of the outdoors. Preferred textures include: tin, pewter, and platinum, while preferred colors include: dark blue, violet, and purple.

Décor suggestions:

Sagittarius sign: African wood carvings •Art and Ornaments:
Fitting to the Sagittarius sign theme of home décor, art and ornamentation that finds place in this home will either represent this individual’s love of nature, interest in the new and unusual, or belief in the spiritual (or all of the above). The house could be full of unusual metal sculptures, animal skin rugs and shawls, Buddhist silhouettes, Christian icons, Egyptian/Hindu Deities, and African carvings. Whatever the ornamentation, the feel will most likely be that of a sacred or religious overtone.

•Flowers and Plants:
Even though the Sagittarius individual is fond of flowers and plants, he might not be the best caretaker. There are always lots of things for him to do and see, so taking care of household duties might not be a top priority. For this reason, cut or dried flowers would be a better alternative to plants that require constant attention. Two exceptions are Pinks and Carnations which can be raised indoors without too much hassle – perfect for the Sagittarius traveler.

Sagittarius sign: ethnic bedroom •Bedroom:
The Sagittarius sign bedroom is not just a place for sleep but also a place for true enjoyment – eating great food, drinking wine, watching movies, reading a book, chatting with a loved one, or simply for luxuriating. They love long weekend mornings, Sunday newspapers, and just relaxing around the house. The bedroom will have lots of nature symbolism as does the rest of the house…animal skin rugs, wooden carvings, and other collectables. The furniture will usually come from a variety of sources, possibly even be second hand. Most important is that the pieces have personality and style…appearing warm, humble, and available.

Sagittarius sign: rural yet modern kitchen •Kitchen:
The Sagittarius kitchen will usually have a country feel to it – welcoming, warm, comfortable, and somewhat eclectic. The theme will be rural yet modern at the same time, boarding collectibles from around the world. This will be an important room for socializing with friends, so there will always be plenty of food, wine, and exchanges of philosophical ideas. Pine or Oak is good choices for this rustic, spacey atmosphere and a large wooden dining room table wouldn’t be such a bad idea either. Copper or brass pots and pans hanging overhead would also be a great final touch to this comfy and inviting country nook.

Keywords: books, countryside, education, exploration, horses, personal space, philosophy, religion, sport


Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Sagittarius soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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