Scorpio sign:
"LivingIt!" Scorpio Style

Create the intriguing space of mystery and seclusion that the Scorpio sign dreams of and become a soul mate for life!

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•The Home:
The Scorpio sign home will usually be as intriguing and mysterious as the zodiac sign itself. The words that resonate with this individual include: deep, strong, powerful, private, passionate, and sexual – words that will also be felt in the Scorpio home. This individual does NOT follow the minimalist approach. Most likely there will be a strong design theme with fiery color including the darkest of reds and deepest of maroons. A good visual to have in mind is a North African or Middle Eastern décor style – dim lights, private corners, intriguing artifacts, contrasting textures, and appealing idiosyncrasies. Exquisite antiques, lavish cushions, and large floor ottomans are just some of the décor items that might be found in the Scorpio home. All of the elements just described will comprise the inside of this ‘mysterious palace’ but the outside will be just as secretive…camouflaged by plants, vines, and magnificent ivy (if circumstances allow, of course).

Décor suggestions:

Scorpio sign: african sculpture •Art and Ornaments: Interesting artifacts and unusual ornamentation will be more than welcomed into the Scorpio sign household. Ethnic symbols, exotic silhouettes, intricate carvings, striking vases, silver bells, incense burners, bizarre candle holders, and tin/copper outlined mirrors can all be found in this individual’s home. Most corners will have at least one crafty piece to be showcased. If we are to imagine the ambiance of this ‘humble abode,’ we might go as far as to imagine a ‘Gene’s Palace.’

•Flowers and Plants:
Since the Scorpio individual prefers darker environments, plants that can thrive in low light would be a better choice for them. Foliage house plants with dark green leaves such as the mature Parlour Palm would be ideal. Carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap might appeal to the Scorpio sign's more animalistic side while dark red flowers such as the Geranium, Heather, and Rhododendron might resonate more with the passionate side of their nature. However, for the Scorpio that likes to ‘sting’ his prey once in a while, a busy, thorn-bearing tree like the Blackthorn might be just what his soul needs.

Scorpio sign: dark red velvet interior •Bedroom:
The Scorpio bedroom will most likely resemble an opulent, luxurious, sexual boudoir. After all, Scorpio sign is considered to be ‘THE’ passionate sign of the zodiac. Similar to the living room space, the bedroom will be rich in color, dark in the color palate, and decorated with the most exquisite of artifacts. Colors will include dark reds, deep maroons, and sensual browns. Textures will include velvets, silks, and satins. The bed will be the centerpiece of the room: four-poster, hand-carved, and draped with the finest of chiffons. Plush cushions might also find a place on this luxurious masterpiece of a bed with a lavish chandelier hung right above to highlight the pleasures to take place soon. Of course, the décor of this boudoir would not be complete without the intricately woven and phenomenally decorated Oriental rug which will usually be found leading toward the ‘jewel’ of the bedroom – the one and only, yes you guessed it -- bed.

Scorpio sign: baskets •Kitchen:
The Scorpio kitchen will be cozy, textured, and tonally diverse. Like the rest of the house, it will showcase a number of ethnic artifacts collected from travels or received from friends. Wood used will probably be of a medium to darker tone and will be complimented by intricately designed stone flooring and counter tops. Some baskets of various shapes and sizes will most likely find their way into this kitchen as will carved wooden utensils that might be hung for extra affect. If nothing else, the kitchen will truly resemble the depth, power, and taste of this intriguing sign of the zodiac.

Keywords: aromas, bathrooms, darkness, purification, puzzles, recycling, renovation, synthetic materials


Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Scorpio soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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