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Create the stable and comfortable home that the Taurus sign dreams of and become a soul mate for life!

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•The Home:
The Taurus sign's soul craves security, stability, and comfort – elements that are truly visibly in their home environment. The typical Taurus home is conservative, traditional, and luxurious (if finances allow, which they usually do). This individual needs to live in a space that is relaxing and soothing to the spirit, a place of peace, safety, and tranquility. I would say that the keyword for the Taurus home is ‘comfort.’

Taurus Sign: Luxurious Leather Sofa Taurus sign loves expensive, soft, oversized sofas. One made of aged leather or a traditional floral pattern (Taurus rules gardening) would be just to their liking. They’re also fans of oversized furnishings in general – huge television sets, king-size beds, enormous bath tubs – if it’s big and comfy, they love it. As far as coverings for these luxurious pieces of furniture, any draping made of silk, satin, or velvet, would do just grandly. Most importantly, we can’t forget their gentle feet that need to feel the warmth and gentleness of a ‘cloud-like’ carpet. Their color palate can be easily pleased with any shades of white or pastel but one ingredient in the Taurus sign's home that is not up for grabs, is COMFORT.

Décor suggestions:
•Art and Ornaments: The Taurus individual appreciates quality and looks for worthwhile investment. So trendy, miniature pieces would not satisfy the palate where art and décor are concerned. A Taurus sign usually prefers larger pieces of artwork and appreciates items with some history and sustenance. Whether paintings, sculptures, or other architectural pieces are incorporated into the interior design, a hint of brass, bronze, or copper would be greatly favored to other available textures. Usually, if there is a divergence from their preferred tastes, it is for the benefit of a good investment.

Taurus Sign: Flowers •Flowers and plants
The Taurus sign of the zodiac is an earth sign. Therefore, this individual has a strong attachment to the earth and nature in general (great love for gardening). Flowers that they are especially fond of are roses, fresh cut lilies, and violets or gerberas (for their wonderful color). A home with a balcony or huge French doors leading directly to the outdoors and their own beautifully planted garden would be a dream-come-true for these earthy, nature-loving souls.

The Taurus bedroom is the ultimate place of sensual pleasure and divine comfort. It is a place not only for restful sleep, but also for relaxing and indulging in heavenly treats. The bed has to be voluptuous and magnificent with a mattress that contours the curves of the body with a comforter that lightly floats over the flesh. Of course we must not forget that only the finest goose comforter will do, with the same expectation applying to the matching set of exquisite silk or satin sheets that cover the bed. A few plush, richly colored cushions would be desirable as well. All other elements that form the bedroom environment should support the all five of the Taurus’s senses and strong desire for comfort.

Taurus Sign: Kitchen •Kitchen
The kitchen will receive great attention from the Taurus soul because food brings him a tremendous amount of pleasure. He is nothing if not a gourmet at heart. So a traditional gourmet kitchen would fit this soul just fine. Earthy color tones; rich wood cabinets; clay, stone or tile flooring; bookshelves displaying a few cook books; liquors and rich wines; a large pantry full of edible goodies; and a couple of plants to accent the corners would create the type of kitchen that a Taurus individual would be proud to call his own – warm, inviting, and most importantly, comfortable.

Keywords: Art, beauty, comfort, carpets, food, pastels, possessions, security, and sculpture.


Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Taurus soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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