The Memories Box:
”A Unique Birthday Gift for a Lifetime”

Ever wish you could create a unique birthday gift that your recipient will remember for the rest of their lives? Well, you can. And you will!

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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What to you signifies a unique birthday gift?

For me, being a total romantic, I would have to say that it is a gift that’s truly thought out, examined, and tailored. After all, anyone can buy a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates, or the latest DVD.

But the really unique birthday gift is where someone buys orchids because they know that these are their loved ones favourites, picks out a chocolate shaped bunny because Easter was the first holiday that they spent with their love, or records his or her own choice of songs on a CD to symbolize the individuality of their relationship.

As you can see the difference between a birthday gift and a unique birthday gift is all in the thought that goes into it.

I remember Jake’s last birthday and the unique birthday gift I presented him with, it was romantic, it was unique, and most of all it came straight from my beating heart. It was something that money just couldn’t buy and something that you too could do.

This unique birthday gift is called a memories box and it takes a whole year, 365 days to complete. However, believe me when I tell you that it’s really worth it if you are looking for that truly unique birthday gift.

The idea behind the memories box is that you take a box and in it you put a memory from each of the 365 days previous to your partner’s birthday.

Each memory should be something special, something romantic you did together, and something you want to remember.

For example, in Jake’s box I had memories such as, “I woke up next to you and realized that I never want to wake up any other way”, and “I made you breakfast in bed today, you told me that you would love me forever.”

These are truly special memories, memories that made me laugh, memories that made me cry, but most of all memories that made me smile and think just how wonderful life and love is.

This unique birthday gift really is a wonderfully romantic way of telling your loved one just how you feel about them, sharing a special moment each day and remembering it forever.

Taking a part of life and making it immortal in words. There is no other unique birthday gift that is so romantic and I know that it’s one that Jake will treasure forever.

The memories box didn’t cost a lot of money. It’s just a box, some parchment paper and some imagination.

I also purchased some fancy note paper for each of the memories I included in the box, so I guess all in all I might have spend around $10 but the gift itself is priceless. Ask Jake.

At first when he opened it and found a box full of paper he looked a little confused. He had no idea what I was presenting him with and he thought it was a joke. “What is this?” he asked. “Take a closer look, sweetie” I replied “You’ll see.”

When he looked a little close however, and saw the attention I had put into his birthday gift he was overwhelmed and I think your partner will be too.

This intimate birthday gift idea is one that anyone can use, it doesn’t have to be for your partner, it can be for your mother, your sister, even your brother; someone that means a lot to you and someone that you want to show how much you care.

Use your time…use your imagination…and remember who the gift is for...

NO…not for you!

Walk alongside your recipient’s desires and make a commitment to fulfil at least one of them per year. If you do that, you’ll never have to look for another unique birthday gift again.

No need to thank me…that’s why I’m here. ;-)

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