Unique gifts for him:
Task #1 - Knowing Him!

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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Are you looking to find unique gifts for HIM (your 'special guy')? Well, as you know, there are plenty of sites out there with extensive lists of gifts for you to choose from. And you'll find that option here too.

However, I’d like to offer you something extra, something more substantial.

I want to teach you how to truly understand your man’s preferences and to choose the unique gifts for him that are specially tailored to his personality.

According to my experience, picking out a gift from an existing list is only an easy task once you have a clear idea of your recipient’s likes and dislikes.

Ahh...but there goes the hard part – getting that clear idea – definitely not easy! That’s what I’d like to help you with.

I'm going to show you how to effortlessly choose the ideal unique gifts for him (YOUR SPECIAL GUY!)and have fun during the process as well. How's that for a gift?:

To me, gift giving is much more than just buying the first thing I see in a catalog. It's more like a journey of love, an exploration of my man’s soul that allows me to give him presents of real significance - truly unique gifts for him (JUST for HIM!).

My motto is always: “focus on gift GIVING, not gift RECEIVING.”

So when I’m trying to find that one-of-a-kind, unique gift for him, the only thought in my mind is HIM.

Don’t worry if all of this sounds a little dull and boring. It’s not. I always make sure that the experience is fun, spontaneous, and interesting (definitely always interesting!).

OK, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. There are two types of men: Easy and Difficult.

1. The Easy Men share most of the following characteristics:

• They have at least one identifiable hobby.

• They are metrosexuals: They take care of their external appearance; they wear brand name clothing; they not only buy aftershave, but anti-aging moisturizing creams as well; and they use a slew of other ‘vain’ products to keep themselves 'shiny and brand new.'

• They like social events.

• They enjoy being around friends.

• They play sports.

2. The Difficult Men share the following characteristics:

• They don’t have any hobbies.

• If they have a hobby, it's so complicated that it’s almost impossible for you to understand it.

• They wear clothes just because society is not ready for a naked man to be walking in the middle of the street.

• They enjoy spending time alone and avoid crowds.

• They’re not crazy about any sport.

I know what you’re thinking -- most men possess some characteristics from both groups. And you're probably right.

However, after doing a careful analysis, you will see that a man does fit into one group more than the other.

The first task is for you to decide which group your man belongs to.

Now, if you’ve decided that your guy fits into the ‘Easy Guy’ group, then you’re one of the lucky ones. Why? Because 80% of your job is done!

You have plenty of options to choose from: name-brand personal care products for men, fashionable clothing, sport accessories, collectables, and surprise parties – you name it and it’ll be perfect.

You can find great unique gifts for him just by taking half an hour of your time and making a list of all his likings.

(Here's an Idea: If your guy is a ‘real’ metrosexual, start off by giving him a card with this website URL: www.style-hair-magazine.com/man-hair-care . It's an online Hair Style Magazine that offers the latest trends in hairstyle and instructions on how to achieve that ‘perfect’ look.

Your ‘metrosexy’ guy will love you for introducing him to such a great FREE resource!!! He'll think to himself, “finally, someone who understands me.” Priceless, isn’t it?).

However, what if your guy fits into the second group, the ‘Difficult Guy’ group? Of course you know him; after all, you’ve been with him long enough. But sometimes that’s just not enough for choosing the unique gifts for him that he can fully resonate with, is it?

And the worst part of it is that you spend lots of time and money, not to mention stress, and still end up buying the wrong gift.

How annoying is that!

Lucky for you, I happen to specialize in this kind of guy – the ‘Difficult Guy.’

Are you wondering how I became such a specialist? Well, unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, Jay belongs to this ‘very special’ group. During the first few months of our relationship, the simple thought of buying him a gift would torture me for days. I just couldn’t get it. I had no idea what to buy him.

Finally, I was so fed up, that I decided to create a plan for picking out the perfect, unique gift for him. After trying it out a couple of times, I can now confidently say that I'm an expert on gift giving; both for the ‘Easy Guys’ and the Difficult Guys!’

Before I tell you my ‘secret formula’ though, let me first share with you a true story:

It happened when I first met Jay. After 4 months of dating, we had our first Christmas together. And after 4 months, I was already expected to know pretty much everything about him, right? And I thought I did. I knew he was shy, intellectual (incredibly intelligent), and liked classical music, cinema, history, and collecting old computers. So, you would think that I'd buy him a CD, DVD, or a book for a present, right? WRONG.

I bought him a T-shirt to play tennis!!! What was I thinking? I guess what I was thinking is that I wanted him to enjoy some more outdoor activities. I was buying for me, not for him -- HUGE mistake!

So, you’re probably thinking, “she learnt from that terrible experience and won’t repeat it again, right?” Well, you would be wrong again!

A month after Christmas it was his birthday, an occasion for which I absolutely outdid myself. Not only did I mix up the actual day of his birthday (I celebrated his birthday a day after, yes, a whole day after!!!) but I also had a surprise b-day party for him when I just told you that he’s shy and hates (literally) to be the center of attention.

He doesn’t like b-day parties, or any party for that matter. Those were definitely not the right kind of unique gifts for him! Again, what was I thinking???!!!

Believe it or not, the list of wrongs continued. The more gifts I gave, the more my frustration grew. I bought him a book on the major battles in the history of wars, a CD of his favorite Opera, and a book on Alfred Hitchcock’s films, just to mention a few. Yes, he loves history, classical music, and Hitchcock’s films, but, he also already knows everything there is to know about those battles, that Opera, and the Hitchcock films.

I was lost. How was I supposed to find the perfect unique gifts for him when I couldn’t even understand what he liked?

Believe me; each time I had to buy a gift for him, I went through an enormous amount of stress -- weeks of suffering. I had to find a way out of that hell! And lucky for me, and you, I did.

The answer was simple: to transform him from a difficult guy to an easy one (then you'll have tons of unique gifts for him to choose fom)! Oh yes, I know, you may be saying to yourself, “isn’t it easier to just go for a brand new, easy guy?”

That’s one option. But let’s say that you really like the version that you have and only want to make a few adjustments. Well, let me share with you my formula for getting it done:

Ask him to write a detailed list of 5 to 10 things he’d like to have. It doesn’t matter if he knows what the list is for. Better yet, don’t tell him what it's for. That way, he’ll be more open and willing to write down things that won’t be to difficult to find. Men are practical. We need to learn from them!

You see how simple! Now you have a list of unique gifts for him that he ACTUALLY WANTS! Isn't that excellent?

Just remember though, when you use a gift idea for a special occasion, have him update the list so you always have that surprise element present (5 to 10 ideas should suffice).

There you go -- an easy, straight forward and cheap way to find the perfect unique gifts for him! Better than hiring a private detective - don't you think?

Once you play around a bit with this list as I have, I guarantee you that you’ll become an expert at finding the most extraordinary unique gifts for him as well. This is only the beginning, just be a little patient and don’t let your frustration win the game. Be strong!

So, now you finally know what he wants, you’re ready to go shopping!

Here’s to good shopping, better giving, and remembering to RomanceIt!

To be added soon: The most amazing unique gifts for him -- the best unique gifts ever! So...STAY TUNED!

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