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•The Home:
Virgo sign likes to live in an environment that’s clean, orderly, and simple. The space should be uncluttered and tidy with plenty of open space and light. Their philosophy is, “there’s a place for everything” and therefore, an organized home is one of the most important factors to a Virgo’s wellbeing. The color combinations of the home usually include pale grey, blue, green, and brown with pinches of dull yellow here and there. Since the Virgo sign of the zodiac is an earth sign, there is a natural tendency toward natural fabrics and materials.
Virgo sign: wicker furniture Cane, wicker, or rattan furniture could be a good choice for these individuals, providing the comfort, informality, and ease that they desire. The style of the home might be modern or tradition but will always show great attention to detail, hints of craftsmanship, and an organic twist.

Décor suggestions:
•Art and Ornaments:
The Virgo sign soul takes a minimalist approach toward decoration. For example, a long, floor-standing vase would add the elegance they desire yet still be simple enough not to get noticed. Craftsmanship is also important to these individuals but the item in question must also have a purpose. Some items that are decorative and useful include: ceramic accessories, china ware, and hand-carved utensils. Many possibilities exist; the only restriction is one’s imagination.

Virgo sign: blue and yellow flowers •Flowers and Plants
Small, bright colorful flowers are especially appealing to the Virgo individual. If the flowers are blue or yellow, that’s even better. Cut willow twigs, mixed dried flowers, unusual architectural plants, and large green foliage plants could also thrive quite nicely in a Virgo home.

The bedroom of these earthy individuals is usually simple, natural, and on the contemporary side. A low frame bed or futon would fit their style perfectly, even a mattress on the floor would do (for a loft-type sleeping space). Also appropriate for the natural theme, an exposed brick wall would do wonders for the Virgo bedroom as would some roman blinds and a natural fiber rug. The choice of bedroom style may vary from Virgo to Virgo, but most likely three features of the household will remain the same – cleanliness, organization, and unclutteredness.

Virgo sign: white kitchen •Kitchen
The kitchen, like the rest of the household, should be white or light-colored in tone as well as clean, uncluttered, and bright. A variety of health foods should be tucked away inside the cabinets and frig, especially fresh vegetables for those ‘quick, grab-a-snack moments.’ Virgos believe in staying fit and having nutritious foods at their fingertips, will help them stick that goal. Most likely the kitchen will have a simple seating arrangement surrounding a plain wooden table with a few colorful ceramic pieces to break up the monotony. Classic and crafty – what could be better than that?

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Some of the suggestions above were taken from the book “Home Astrology”, written by Paul Wade. If you're really interested in creating an environment to support the Virgo soul, then this book would be a great resource to have close by!

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