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Is it Love, Lust, or a Bust?
The Friends and Lovers Zodiac Compatibility Report
Has the Answer!

"The insights gained from the Friends and Lovers zodiac report can help unleash the rawest passion that you've ever experienced..."

If you decide to order the Friends and Lovers zodiac compatibility report, keep one thing in mind: Merge what you learn here with what you already know. The universe mirrors; it doesn't predict. Your own free will and commitment to self and other are the only two predictors of your life and only they have the power to change or create what is. So read about potential as much as you'd like but know that it is you who must transform that potential into substance.

I know...you're probably getting bored with my philosophical mumbo jumbo. ;-) I understand. So if you know what you want and are ready to find out the truth about your relationship, fill out the form below to start your order.

However, if you don't mind a bit more preaching and teaching, I introduce to you the one and only...

Friends & Lovers Zodiac Report:

"Here's what it can do for you..."
It can;

• Measure your relationship's potential by identifying its origin and foundation (check mark)
• Analyze the strength and durability of your attraction (check mark)
• Help you understand your partner's approach to relationships -- what he needs and wants and what he would rather do without (double check mark) ;-)
• Foresee communication problems before they arise (giving you time to work your magic!)
• Help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship so that you are fully armed when fighting for what you love (in this case him!)
• Offer you a glimpse of what might be (for you daters out there...hint, hint...not a bad money saver) ;-)

To some, these discoveries might seem meaningless. But to you, a person who believes in honest, earthly love, they might mean everything.

Please don't mistake my enthusiasm for this subject with a cheap ploy to sell you something. What I share with you is simply a friend's advice; advice of a girl (woman ;-) who's experienced her share of ecstatic moments and heart wrenching disappointments and who is ready to tell what she has learned.

I've searched through hundreds of reports, visited numerous astrologers, read an uncountable number of books, and studied with one of the wisest counselors in the country. I've explored myself, my romantic interests, and my relationships. I've done my homework well. And what I share with you is just a summation of that knowledge.

So far, the friends & lovers astrology report has been the most interesting of all the relationship reports I've come across. And that's the only reason I offer it to you.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to give you the report for free (I hope one day I will!). However, what I can do, in the spirit of LOVE, is offer it to you for only $25.95 (orig. price $37.95). I realize that in order to buy this report, you might have to skip a night at the movies, a dinner at your favorite restaurant, or a fantastic shirt that's on sale...but believe me when I tell you that the trade will be well worth it.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility Report
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"Have a soulful journey my new friend...I hope it will be a fulfilling one!"


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