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Gemini sign: Carrots • Carrot: The red, crunchy, and sweet carrot is ruled by the Gemini sign of the zodiac. Known as being very beneficial for the eyes, the carrot can also help ground us and soften us. It never hurts to become a bit friendlier and sweeter, does it? ;-)

You can find some wonderful carrot recipes at

• Peas: Peas are sweet, fun, and playful little creatures that could show us different ways of approaching the same situation. Think for a moment about the pea’s physical structure and growth pattern.

Peas wind and curve as they reach upward toward the sun; rarely taking the straight and narrow path. They twist and turn as they wrap themselves around poles while trying to find the best avenue for their growth.

So as you put the pea in your mouth, absorb the lessons it’s there to teach you – one of which is to be open and adaptable in your approach to life.

To find some amazing recipes that include peas, take a peek at

Other foods and herbs for inspiring the versatile Gemini spirit:

Gemini sign: Marjoram • vegetables that grow above the round except for cabbage

• foods to promote adaptability such as hazel nuts, soy products, and buckwheat

• Herbs and spices include caraway, black and white pepper, and marjoram.


Unfortunately, all I can offer you here are little tidbits of information. The reason being is that if we were to delve deeper into this subject, we could discuss it till eternity.

However, if you're REALLY INTERESTED in learning more about the healing and empowering relationship between certain foods and your own zodiac soul sign, I strongly suggest that you take a look at Jonathan Keyes's book, "Guide to Natural Health -- Using the Horoscope as a Key to Ancient Healing Practices "

Most of the information on this page comes from Jonathan’s book, so if you found it interesting, you should find his book quite useful as well. Use it to jump start your journey toward spiritual and physical well-being.

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