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#1 Gift: The Spiritual Path Report

Is there a ‘complainer’ living in your home?

Are you sleeping with a ‘poor me’ invader?

Has the time come to give your beloved a little pick-me-up, a bit of inspiration to lift him (or her) out of this self-imposed doom & gloom?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Just relax, take a deep breath, and let’s go find a uniquely tailored, inspirational gift to get your buddy out of this slump.

Inspirational Gift: Socrates First: “Helping your honey regain perspective”

Before I begin, I’d like to first tell you about a book I read a number of years ago that had a profound impact on my life.

It was called:"Man’s Search for Meaning" (written by a world renowned psychologist Victor Frankl). It was an honest and heart-tugging recount of Frankl’s days spent in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII. I won't go too much into detail, but what I will say is that it was a book about the true survival of the human spirit.

Through his insightful observations, Frankl was able to make a connection between a person finding meaning in his life and his ability to survive the most unbearable of circumstances.

It was his description of the power of the human soul that truly ispired me and I think it can do the same for your significant other.

Now that you’re aware of how vital this element is to one's own existence, I want you to go share it with your mate so that he or she can recover the ‘true meaning’ in his or her own life – the real inspiration for their being.

Here’s what I want you to do first:

1.Sit your honey down and share your feelings about what makes her/him special and irreplaceable to you.

2. Remind your beloved of her/his many talents and how they inspire and attract you on a daily basis.

3. Help your mate regain meaning in her/his life by offering glimpses of the meaning that she/he’s brought into yours.

4. Inquire about your love’s hopes and dreams and ask how you can best support them.

5. Most importantly, let your partner know that all these worries are temporary and will soon pass. Explain that they are only here as teachers, meant simply to guide and prepare one for the adventures yet to come.

Imagine if you could be that messenger for your beloved, the one to bring this irreplaceable, inspirational gift into their life – wouldn’t that be amazing? I bet you’ll be a cherished pal forever!

Inspirational Gift: Look Up Second: “Discovering the Type of Inspiration Needed”

Now that you’ve had a chance to chat with your mate, you are better equipped to decide exactly what kind of inspiration is needed.

Maybe she/he feels a bit overwhelmed at work or a little neglected by you (shame on you!)…whatever it is, the appropriate inspirational gift can heal it all!

Since there are as many variations of an inspirational gift as there are emotions, I’ve decided to divide them into 10 general categories.

My goal is to make it easier for you to choose the ideal inspirational gift for your unique companion. But remember, this is not an all inclusive list. So please feel free to add to it and play around with it as much as you’d like.

OK…here are the 10 inspirational gift categories together with a few creative and inspirational gift ideas just to get your juices flowing!

1. Inspirational Gift of POWER: for moments of weakness when one is overwhelmed by life

During such difficult times, simply identifying with what one is feeling might be all that’s needed to put everything in perspective. Therefore, one inspirational gift idea could be to give your partner this empowering Weight of the World icon statuette. There is almost nothing as beautiful as the lifting of burdens from the shoulder’s of those we love – it is a gift that is capable of lasting a lifetime.

Inspirational Gift: Stones

Now, if you feel that a daily inspirational reminder is what’s needed, try giving her/him one of these Sacred Carvings. These exquisite works of art might not only infuse your love’s spirit with a powerful, potent force, but could also give them the strength necessary to fight even the most undesirable of circumstances.

2. Inspirational gift of CHANGE: support for moments when fear of the unknown challenges the need for growth

For better or worse, we are all creatures of habit. We find it extremely difficult to let go of the past even if it’s the best thing that we could do for our life. But the good news is that there’s a way out. If your mate is currently in this predicament, you could try helping her/him get out this rut by offering one of the following two inspirational gifts (or both if you prefer). My first suggestion is the 'Be the Changeicon'. A simple reminder to take action, this understated paperweight carries the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” There’s almost nothing as moving or motivating as the ‘right’ words spoken at the ‘right’ time. This piece truly has the potential to inspire courage needed to take a leap of faith and would make a wonderful inspirational gift.

However, if your partner resonates more with the visual elements of life than the auditory, an Inspirational Bracelet Triplet might be the better choice. Imagine, every time your mate worries about the future or refuses to step out of the 'all too comfy' comfort zone, she/he will have just the right words dangling on the wrist -- words needed to take that ever-frightening plunge. There’s a Russian proverb which translates into something like, “you need a spoon while the soup is still hot”… and the same applies to words and sounds of inspiration.

Inspirational Gift: Aries 3. Inspirational gift of ACTION: to inspire movement during times of paralysis

There are a few types of people – those that act without thinking, those that act after thinking, and those that don’t act at all. It’s not always easy to take a step forward when the consequences of that action are still invisible to the naked eye. But it is during those very moments that we need to believe in our intuition and take a calculated risk. So, if your partner is feeling a bit anxious about giving something a try, give her/him the self-motivating Action Box. Again, as I’ve said before, the right words at the right time can be priceless.

Another inspirational gift idea, if your sweetie doesn’t mind listening to a few words of wisdom, is a short but Poweful talk on discovering one’s inner warrior. I carry my ‘mentors’ in my pocket all the time and I think your partner could benefit from such a gift as well. Not only is this one of the most inexpensive inspirational gifts that you could buy, but also the most rewarding. Someone to tell you that ‘you can do it!” just at the time that you need such a confirmation is a true gift of the heavens.

4. Inspirational gift of CONFIDENCE: to provide an ‘ego boost’ during moments of insecurity

Yes, I know, we all don’t like those neanderthals with an over-inflated ego...but that kind of ego boost is not exactly what I'm talking about. What I’m referring to is something that all of us could use and that is a bit more self-esteem. Positive self-esteem is one of the key ingredients to a happy, fulfilling life and is an element that shouldn't be over-looked. However, as with all worth-while endeavors, we first must prepare before we build. And that brings me to inspirational gift idea number one: Imaginative Activities to prepare your love for a full release of the spirit:

Give a view from the top with ahelicopter tour; Give the thrill of whitewater rafting; Give the indulgence of luxurious spa treatments; Give the joy of a fine wine tasting; Give the haute cuisine of a personal chef;

These are just some of the activities to help ignite your honey’s soul. The possibilities are endless but the result is one – your sweetheart's readiness to begin building an elevated sense of self!

Inspirational gift idea number two is a bit more tailored toward the ‘female partner’. It’s a Wild Woman Blanket that can be used to remind your honey of just how amazing she really is. She’s a powerful, exhilarating, and magnificent woman that doesn’t always realize her greatness. So why not help her see what you see in her? Trust me, she will be forever grateful! Inspirational Gift: Aquarius

5. Inspirational gift of PEACE: to be used for calming external and internal anxieties

Life is not always easy…taking its toll not only on our nerves but our health and relationships as well. It is an adventure that was made for the brave and strong at heart – a journey that must be tackled fiercely if it is to be conquered. So if your mate is feeling kind of tired and run down, a Meditative Session (Inner peace) might be the perfect gift for soothing the soul. I, personally, get an incredible boost of energy from moments spent in silence and inner reflection.

However, if you can’t imagine your mate sitting still for at least half an hour, a Natural Salt Lamp might be a better option. These lamps are 100% natural and are crafted with the highest quality crystal salt. They are radiant, warm, and therapeutic…able to sooth any soul that needs a little tender loving.

Inspirational Gift: Love 6. Inspirational gift of LOVE: Meant as a reminder of beauty, sharing, and devotion

What else is more important in life than love? Love is the rollercoaster that takes us through the deepest caves of our soul, leaving us breathless, speechless, and always needing, if not wanting, more. However, as a result of life’s unavoidable daily distractions, we sometimes forget just how important the experience of true love is for our overall health and wellbeing. That is why my first gift recommendation would the elegant Ivory-colored Love Sculptureicon. This serene and majestic work of art resembles the unity felt between two harmonizing spirits and would be a wonderful present to give your mate. Definitely a unique expression of love and what it stands for.

Want another option? Well, I have one. The one and only, hand-painted Everything to Me Angel. This celestial messenger easily says the things you tend to take for granted in your relationship. “I don’t say I love you as often as I should, I don’t hold your hand as often as I could and I know I take for granted the special things you do, all those wonderful things that made me fall in love with you so please believe me when I say, you mean everything to me. You’ve made my life as wonderful as it could possibly be.”

Inspirational Gift: Life

7. Inspirational gift of LIFE: a reminder of what it’s all about

I think you will agree (or at least I hope that you will) that it is the ‘invisible’ in life that is the most precious. Physical reality (our destiny) can shape itself in many different ways yet it is our hopes, thoughts, and dreams that have the power to change the way we experience that reality. Do we sometimes forget that important piece of information? Yes we do. But luckily for you, I have found the perfect reminder – the one and only Harmony Plaque - Tomorrow. This ‘wise’ little plaque would make an excellent gift for anyone needing a bit of faith and patience while navigating this mysterious yet absolutely miraculous process we call life.

Now, if your partner is a bit on the adventurous side and doesn’t mind being a bit daring, the Living Life Game icon would be a great gift choice. Designed to help a person live life to the fullest, the ‘Living Life Game’ uses an individual’s environment as the board and her/his friends and family as the players. With 30 cards of "feel good" adventures, players watch sunrises, contact old friends and test drive the car of their dreams. Great as a life-long to-do list, this award-winning, one-of-a-kind reality card game would be a terrific and meaningful gift for your special someone.

8. Inspirational gift of HOPE: for rekindling the spirit

To me, hope is almost as important as oxygen. Do we need it to survive physically? Possibly. Do we need it to survive spiritually? Absolutely! People need their soulful strength to endure the trials and tribulations of daily existence. Unfortunately, without it, their physical prowess would not be enough to sustain the blows. Thus, I offer you the Thomas Kinkade Silver Lighthouse Pendant . This intricately designed reminder of ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ would be a beautiful way to show your partner just how much you care about them (and their dreams and aspirations). Inspirational Gift: Message in a bottle

As a second option, I offer you the Timeless Message in a Bottle. This unique gift provides the means and encourages visitors to create their own special message to give to someone. But do not worry; if you have difficulty putting your thoughts into words, they have a variety of messages that you can use as well.

I strongly recommend you to check the message offered under category Hope & Encouragement, sub-category Life. I can’t think of a better way to provide inspiration, support, and hope all at once.

9. Inspirational gift of a DREAM: to support the idealized fantasy.

Dreams are the creations of our imaginations. They can be wild and unconventional, simple and refined, or quirky and unique…yet whatever they are…they are always individual. Dreams should be honored and supported, because without them, we would be wonders without direction.

A perfect way to support your partner’s dream would be to give her (sorry guys) the silver Perfect Imperfection Necklaceicon. This unique and unstructured piece would make an ideal gift for someone that dares (or needs to be dared) to dream. It resembles the very ‘possibilities’ inherent in one’s visions and could therefore be used as a stimulus for creative change and inspired inventiveness.

For my second gift suggestion, I offer you the'What Would You Do? Paperweighticon'. It asks a very poignant question -- “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" This pewter paperweight poses the question boldly and simply, with an emphatic question mark on the back to keep one thinking for days. It is a wonderful and inspiring reminder to follow your dreams, a reminder I’m sure both you and your partner could use once in a while. I know I sure can!

10. Inspirational gift of COURAGE: to provide strength for infinite exploration

To fear the unknown is a natural part of the human condition, but to have the courage to overcome that fear is a true gift. Whether it’s your love or yourself that needs to build some nerve, a gift of a star could be the best gift in the world. Yes, you can actually have your own star! How cool is that? Name your real Star by Clicking here! Have your own star calling your name…cheering you on…infusing your soul with the courage needed to reach for the stars!

Want a slightly funkier gift idea? You got one. How about the infamous Wordplay Tieicon? What’s that you ask? Well, it’s a tie that reads the exact words of encouragement that one needs in order to live a brave, inspired, and fulfilled life. Are you curious? Good! Take a look – you’ll love it!

Once you know the type of inspiration your partner needs, you are well on your way to choosing the perfect inspirational gift. The hard part is over, now comes the fun. You know this individual – you know their likes and dislikes. Think of their hobbies, interests, and past-times and choose the ‘inspirational gift element’ to which your better half will respond the best.

For example, if your significant other is a book-worm, a book filled with inspirational words of wisdom would be perfect gift. Need a hint? Try: "A Guide for the Advanced Soul". It does wonders for me! I think of a question, open a page that calls my attention, and somehow the words on that page put everything in perspective.

If, however, he or she is a sports-buff, pick an object specific to their favorite game or activity(i.e. NHL Merchandise) and write a few inspiring words to serve as a daily reminder of your message. For instance, if you feel that inspiration for ACTION is what’s needed, you could write this inspiring quote:

“Life is like a wild tiger.
You can either lie down
and let it lay its paw on your head –
Or sit on its back and ride it!”
–Ride the Wild Tiger.

These words could get anyone going, don’t you think?

Inspirational Gift: Boat Let’s see…what other examples can I think of??? What if your mate is crazy about sailing and is a little down because she/he is unsure of her/his direction in his life.

For this type of inspiration, you could buy a small Sailboat for your honey and inscribe the following words on it:

“A man cannot discover new oceans
until he has courage to lose sight of the shore."

Now, what if it’s the Dream category that’s experiencing a bit of turbulence? What if your partner is feeling uninspired and hopeless? What if he or she is dreaming of independence yet doesn’t know how to start moving toward that goal? What if creative visions are floating around in his or her head that can't find an outlet for their manifestation?

If any of these questions represent your partner’s reality, the priceless inspirational gift of SiteSell might be just pick for you.

SiteSell is the brainchild of Ken Evoy, a ‘genius of a man’ that found a way for the not-so-techie individual to create not only a web site, but a life. SiteSell has allowed me to unleash my inner spirit and build this site and it can do the same for your sweetheart. was an inspirational gift to myself...and I'd like for you to give this inspirational gift to your mate if it's something that he or she really needs? But only you can be the judge of that.

I think you probably got the idea by now. The creation of a truly inspiring gift requites a bit of talking, listening, categorizing, choosing, and personalizing. That's all!

If there’s anything you take away from this discussion, I want it to be this: for an inspirational gift to be truly meaningful, it must first offer the ‘needed’ type of inspiration. In addition, the message has to come through the ‘right’ medium and be able to move the individual closer to the path of ‘meaning’.

Sounds like a tall order, I know. But it’s actually quite doable. Take your time, be attentive, and follow your intuition. If, however, you’re still feeling unsure about what to do, please feel free to Contact me (for free!) and we’ll figure it out together.

Life craves inspiration - “RomanceIt!”

Inspirational Gift: Mountain

Haven’t found the perfect inspirational gift? Don’t worry. I’ve selected a few other options for you to choose from:

Brainwave Suite icon - Discover how you can enhance artistic inspiration, release physical tension, stimulate concentration and foster more intimate communication.

Creating Miracles Every Day - If you’re ready to transform negative attitudes, trust your intuition, and live each day as if it were your last, then ‘Creating Miracles Every Day’ is the program you’ve been waiting for!

The Tree of Life - This exquisite Mezuzah icon serves as a constant reminder of faith.

"...Felt from the Heart" icon - This painting combines the original artwork of artist Ian Nicholas and an inspirational quote from Helen Keller: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart."

Personalized Egyptian Cartouche - King Tut... Ramses... Nefertiti... Cleopatra...In ancient Egypt, each royal personage had a cartouche (pronounced "kar-toosh") - a unique hieroglyphic nameplate imbued with good fortune and the power to ward off evil spirits.

Ring of Inspiration - Tradition has it that words that touch the skin have a particular power. So why not let the inspiring words engraved on this one of a kind gold ring empower, offer reflection, and affirm your mate’s belief in life? Your investment will be invaluable!

True North Keychainicon - You'll always know your way when you're carrying this key chain from designer Emily Rosenfeld. Inside the pewter orb is a working compass that will give you direction, and carved on the outside are four direction markers to remind you of your way. Great for your favorite scout, this cool key chain also makes the perfect symbolic gift to someone who is soul searching.

OH! Don’t forget to check out the Romance Books page. There you'll find a few books that I've found to be quite inspirational over the years. These texts filled with profound words of wisdom got me through some pretty rough times...a gift they can bestow on you and your mate as well if only you give them a chance. Remember: A good book is ALWAYS a powerful source of inspiration!

Additional ideas on where to find the most incredible and unusual Inspirational Gifts coming STAY TUNED!

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