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Romance books, love poems, and inspirational quotes have the potential to revitalize your romantic life more than you could ever imagine.

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The 'right' words can open your eyes to new inner pathways and are likely to leave you feeling absolutely exhilarated. I should know, I'm their biggest fan! All kidding aside though, the mystical power of romance books has had its hypnotic grip on me for years -- like a magic wand that can get me to do anything that it wishes. I am so hooked that I even went so far as to create an entire romance library right in my own house. Yup, an entire romance library just for me!

It's no fun, however, having something so exquisite all to myself. That's why I've decided to share my romantic book collection with you! I hope that at least one of my romantic books will inspire you toward a mystical connection between somebody else’s written soul and your own experience. Think of that romance book as a friend. A friend who you might not see as often as you’d like, but who you know is still there any time you need assistance.

Let me introduce you to ‘my dear friends’ -- friends with whom I’ve developed a very close friendship. I’d say that there’s about twenty years worth of history there – twenty years of research and collecting just waiting to be shared with someone...and aren’t you lucky that that someone is going to be you!

I have chosen to begin with a few of my favorite picks – romance books, poems, and quotes that have been my personal guides for many years. I want you to trust them and be brave enough to follow their lead as I have...and the rest, as they say, will be history. Take a chance – RomanceIt!

My romance book corner:

a seductive romance book I will begin by recommending my latest literary conquest, “The Soul of Sex” by Thomas Moore. I just can’t seem to put it down. His interpretation of the human condition is unparalleled to any other that I have ever read. Most romance books lead us through intimate moments by using our imaginations, which is OK. But Mr. Moore goes much deeper into the meaning of it all. He discusses cultivating life as an act of love, explains the lure of mystery lovers, and demystifies earthly pleasures by incorporating them into the real meaning of ‘soulful sex’. Mr. Moore showed me that my ‘subconscious oddities and yearnings’ are absolutely normal and are part of the universal plan…thank you Mr. Moore! Isn’t it amazing how one single romance book can change a person's entire outlook on life? Absolutely amazing! Go ahead, take a won’t regret it!

A romance book for all ages Now, if you’re feeling a little blue and disappointed in life and relationships, then I have another romance book for you – “Falling in Love When You Thought You Were Through” by Jill Robinson and Stuart Shaw. It’s a real story about two people who thought that they were done with love. But as it turns out, life wasn’t quite done with them. Jill and Stuart had a number of obstacles to overcome; their ages, life directions, and family obligations. Yet they still managed to live a true, raw romance by not allowing those few'nuances' to stand in their way. So, if you’re ready to look at love through a fresh pair of eyes…and want to rekindle your spirit…then this romance book is the perfect choice for you.

A romance book for the palate Last but not least, the most delicious of them all, we have: "Aphrodite...A Memoir of the Senses" by Isabel Allende.This romance book no doubt is one of the most unique creations that I have ever read. Trust me when I tell you that you will never look at food the same way again. The connection that Isabel makes between food and the five senses is absolutely astounding. I never thought that peaches could be so seductive, sensual, and enticing, NEVER! I’m telling you, my mouth was drooling throughout the entire text. Just read this one excerpt from pg.127 and you’ll see what I mean:

“Through a window she sees a young baker kneading dough and carries with her the image of his broad shoulders, his powerful arms, the gleam of sweat on his skin, and those sensual hands, kneading and kneading the dough with a lover’s patience determination, just as she would like hands to fondle her.”

Tickled your imagination? I thought it would! Now, if you’re sure that you’re ready to seduce and be seduced (only if you’re really, really, ready)…I allow you to go ahead and open the cover of this sultry romance book. BUT, I am not responsible for anything that happens afterwards!

Want more ideas? Check out these romance books...

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Before I invite you to my Love Poems and Love Quotes corners, I would like to share with you a few other books that I found to be quite inspirational over the years. They are true gems for those of us searching for our true inner spirit and soul...

Inspirational books:


•The Handbook of Ancient Wisdom

•"Man’s Search for Meaning"

•The Good Luck Book


•The Path to Love

•Spiritual Bathing

•Is it Time to Make a Change?

•"A Guide for the Advanced Soul"

•The Art of Happiness

•Searching for Your Soul

FYI: I know these books inside out. So if you'd like a brief but insightful preview before you choose one, please feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to share my thoughts with you.

Now, without further ado, I welcome you to my Love Poems and Love Quotes corners....

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