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Love Horoscopes of Seduction…
Tips for Seducing (and holding on to) Your Capricorn Man

“Use the zodiac tips below to seduce your Capricorn man…and learn to write your own love horoscopes for years to come!”

The graphic is a gold stick figure replica of a family – husband, wife, and their baby and a dog. Symbolically, the picture represents the Capricorn’s responsible and paternal attitude toward family.

Here’s what you need to do to GET & KEEP a Capricorn man…
Be mature, motivated and ambitious
Be loyal and reliable
Be wise and mature
Be cultured
Be elegant
Be authentic
Be poised
Be tasteful
Be sophisticated
Surround yourself with the “right circle” of friends
Know how to entertain and be a good hostess
Be able to schmooze professionally
Have access to influential people
Be goal-oriented
Be successful
Be respectable
Be organized
Be dependable
Be loyal
Be warm and affectionate
Be accepting of his more serious side
Accept his father-like behavior
Be supportive of his ambitions
Don’t be too easy to get into bed
When you’re in bed, keep things normal (no whips and/or chains please)
Respect tradition
Allow him the space and time he needs to take care of his responsibilities

Here’s what you can do to LOSE your Capricorn man…
Be flighty
Be irresponsible
Be undisciplined
Have no goals
Be extravagant
Be a gossiper
Be wasteful with time and money
Be tasteless in presentation and conversation
Associate with the wrong crowd
Be easy
Have no respect for rules or tradition
Demand passionate expression of his emotions
Attempt to seduce him in public
Behave disrespectfully to him or to his colleagues
Neglect your appearance and home
Be scandalous
Be disruptive to his routine
Threaten his reputation
Ruin your reputation
Have no self-respect
Be loud and obnoxious
Be as rude and crude
Be a liability

Well ladies…there you have it – the do’s and don’t of seducing your Capricorn man. It’ll take some work to entice that Capricorn guy of yours, but I know you can do it. Just keep one thing in mind -- don’t be an imposter. Be real and make sure that the girl this guy wants is really you. Pretences will fool for only so long.

Now, if you know that you’re the one for him but find that you need a bit of help writing those love horoscopes of yours, think about ordering the spiritual path report . This report will analyze your Capricorn man’s chart and tell you all there is to know about his hidden thoughts, yearnings, and needs. Priceless information to have if you truly desire to know someone inside and out.

Another option you have (if you have access to his birth information), is to order a zodiac compatibility report. There's nothing like having a professionally written love horoscope guide to assist you in deciding how well you and your partner mesh as a couple.

However, no matter what course of action you decide to take, just make sure that you collect enough ammunition to catch him and keep him! (Sorry gents) ;-)

Seduce, seduce, and seduce my fair maidens…
Be cultured…be respected…and be responsible …
And this man of all men will surely be yours.

Just be sure to forgive some of his brooding ways once in a while…I promise that his light side will surface more often with time. ;-)

Mesmerize his heart…and his mind!


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