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Love Horoscopes of Seduction…
Tips for Seducing (and holding on to) Your Sagittarius Man

“Use the zodiac tips below to seduce your Sagittarius man…and learn to write your own love horoscopes for years to come!”

The graphic is of a gold stick figure sitting on top of a gold globe positioned as the”thinker.” Symbolically, the picture represents the Sagittarius’s nature pull toward exploration and philosophy.

Here’s what you need to do to GET & KEEP a Sagittarius man…
Make him believe that he’s free (even while you’re dating him)
Encourage him to spend time with his friends
Be carefree and optimistic
Be flexible and understanding
Be adventurous
Be freedom-loving
Be adaptable
Be philosophical and spiritual
Be intellectually curious
Be worldly
Be fun-loving
Be athletic
Be honest
Be willing to experiment with life and sex
Be spontaneous
Be lively
Be interesting and challenging
Keep him guessing
Have a graduate degree (ideally)
Love travel
Enjoy people and learning about different cultures
Have hobbies and special interests
Know how to find pleasure in life

Here’s what you can do to LOSE your Sagittarius man…
Demand attention
Be clingy
Have no interests or hobbies
Have no friends
Be boring
Be an “open book”
Be in poor shape
Have no interest in physical activity
Have no interest in world affairs
Be uneducated
Be unsocial
Dislike travel
Have an aversion to philosophical and/or intellectual discussion
Press for commitment
Be verbally and emotionally unexpressive
Be deceptive
Be overly traditional in sex
Be overly-traditional in thought
Be cynical
Be overly emotional
Always be available to him
Be one of his many girls

Well ladies…there you have it – the do’s and don’t of seducing your Sagittarius man. It’ll take some work to entice that Sagittarius guy of yours, but I know you can do it. Just keep one thing in mind -- don’t be an imposter. Be real and make sure that the girl this guy wants is really you. Pretences will fool for only so long.

Now, if you know that you’re the one for him but find that you need a bit of help writing those love horoscopes of yours, think about ordering the spiritual path report . This report will analyze your Sagittarius man’s chart and tell you all there is to know about his hidden thoughts, yearnings, and needs. Priceless information to have if you truly desire to know someone inside and out.

Another option you have (if you have access to his birth information), is to order a zodiac compatibility report. There's nothing like having a professionally written love horoscope guide to assist you in deciding how well you and your partner mesh as a couple.

However, no matter what course of action you decide to take, just make sure that you collect enough ammunition to catch him and keep him! (Sorry gents) ;-)

Seduce, seduce, and seduce my fair maidens…
Be exciting…be illusive…and be well-read…
And this man of all men will surely be yours.

Just be sure to forgive some of his freedom-loving ways once in a while…after all; this man is the philosophical (and physical) traveler of the zodiac. ;-)

Mesmerize his heart…and his mind!


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