The untamed nature sound ...
resonating like a heart in love

For many, a nature sound may not fit the typical idea of romance, nor may it be something that many would even think about.

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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But being the hopeless romantic that I am, I think the sound of nature is one of the sexiest sounds on earth – wild, unfamiliar, and exquisite.

For that reason, I cannot imagine excluding nature sounds from our romancing repertoire. Can you?

Do you like the sound of birds singing? Would you prefer the whisper of a running stream? Does the chirping of crickets hypnotize you? Whatever your answer, know that each of these nature souds can be turned into something romantic if you know what to do, how to do it, and why you’re doing it.

Let’s begin the why part of the question.

Nature sounds promote relaxation and reduce stress. They invigorate, they strengthen, and they ground.

A sound of the wild can transport you to places in your imagination that you never knew existed…primal places within yourself that have been seeking release and now have found a way out.

In order to enjoy our life, we need to find peace and calmness within our soul. Then, and only then, can we feel truly free to enjoy our relationships in all their plenitude.

This surreal state is what a sound of nature can help you achieve. Think of it as a bit of nature therapy for your senses. Don’t worry, the price tag won’t bite. ;-)

Nature sounds can be found all around you, not only in music stores. They can be found outside your window, at the park, in the ocean, in the forest, or even within your own home.

The sounds are there to be heard, admired, and absorbed…just floating waiting for someone to catch them.

The other day, I was pleasantly surprised to find an entire science behind identifying, recording, archiving, and playing nature sounds.

As I was researching the subject, I came across a site called; ( ). The site offers everything from nature sounds and photos to tutorials on recording and archiving your own sounds. It's completely devoted to the world of earth melodies and is a reference that I think you’ll find quite useful.

However, if you're too lazy to do it all yourself, as I am, or just don't have the time, take a look at Chuck Jonkey's site; ( He has an amazing collection of exotic sounds from all over the world that he has compiled himself and will even allow you to sample certain sounds while you're at the site. A much cheaper route for choosing a few favorites, isn't it? ;-)

Ok, now that you know the why behind the sounds of nature and have a two good resources to use, let’s get to the nitty gritty -- how to use these sounds to transform your life into a romantic masterpiece.

I remember the first time I tried to play around with this idea. It was summer and the weather was warm and sticky. Jake and I had decided to take a trip to the country and have a picnic, just the two of us.

Lying under a tall oak tree, listening to the sound of the river flowing past, I felt as if I hadn’t a care in the world. Life was great, love was great, and it was going to be a day that both of us would never forget.

There was no noise from the bustling traffic, no toxic fumes; really there was no nothing, just us and nature. It was so peaceful, so relaxing, just lying side by side talking and listening to the wonderful nature sound of the river flowing past.

We felt as though we could stay there forever. Unfortunately, we couldn’t. But we did enjoy a wonderful day, melting in each others arms and listening to the symphony of the world around us.

For Jake and I this was our first nature sound experiment and one that hooked me for life.

Our next stab at the idea, however, would be a bit more creative. We decided to create a nature sound adventure right in our own home. We went into the wild (ok, the park ;-), recorded our favorite nature sounds, and played them in the comfy atmosphere of our home.

It was the best idea that we ever had. Introducing nature sounds into our daily city life was a phenomenal way to relax and enjoy evenings in while becoming one with nature. Amazing!

Every time we play one of our sounds, I think of lying under that oak tree. I imagine two lovers enjoying a picnic and then making love out in the open at one with nature. It's a beautiful vision that completely melts me. Don't be nosy...maybe it's me and maybe it's not. ;-)

The simplicity and splendour of a nature sound is something that is quite difficult to put into words. I’m trying. Hopefully doing a decent job. But the emotions you’d feel from the real thing are indescribable. So listen to my stories...but please try it all for yourself -- experience nature sound first hand in your own space.

Take the time; explore the different nature sound variations that can be found and find the one that sparks romance in you, the one that takes you off to a different place, a place of relaxation, a place of love, and a place where true romance can live forever.

Believe me, romance doesn’t just happen in the movies, it happens everyday, and it can happen in your life too if you just believe, trust, and open up to new ideas.

Connect your soul to a nature sound and watch your spirit come alive.


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