Sound and Spirit
Two entities with one pursuit - Romance!

"Sound and spirit -- a poetic expression of music.”

Sound and Spirit: Greeting for Men

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Music is the food that feeds our soul. Therefore, throughout these pages you’ll find an abundance of love song, soulful ballad, and relaxing sound ‘dishes’.

However, in order to truly enjoy the feast, we first need to get a better feel for the heavenly relationship between spirit and sound. Only when we understand our soul’s connection to these two elements, can we fully be able to appreciate the magical touch of rhythmical love.

My original plan was to write a few paragraphs on the subject, but since plans are meant to be broken, I’ve decided to write a short poem instead.

Somehow words make more sense in the abstract, at least to me. Hope you ‘taste’ my message.

Sound and Spirit…”friends forever!”

Sound and spirit reside deep within my soul…best friends frolicking like infants on a stroll.

Over hills they skip and fly, making stops to kiss and cry.

Unveil yourself, spirit said to sound…let me see who I have found.

Nervous, giddy, and afraid, sound took a step closer to his mate.

Do you see me now? Sound whispered quietly into spirit’s ear, I’m your love my sweetest soulful dear.

Ages passed as sound and spirit traveled to far off lands…leaving shadows engraved within the sands.

Nights and days were spent blissfully intertwined, as though two vines reaching patiently for the sky…

Dreams of eternity filled their souls…as sound and spirit fulfilled their roles.

Simple treasures lie silently in the dark…wondering when the sun will make its mark.

Purpose, comfort, and content crammed sound and spirit’s secret den…as they waited for nameless seekers to claim their Zen.

Inspired words continued to leave their lips…as though in search of tiny quenching sips.

Reaching out with arms of gold, both sound and spirit stood silently in the cold.

Is it us that we are here to greet or are there others who are in greater need?

Tomorrow comes another day…at last our friends will come to play!


I dedicate this poem to ‘the sound of spirit’ within all of us…as well as to the musical melodies and artistic muses that have enriched our lives beyond our expectations.

I urge you to invite music into your life and allow it to reawaken the spirit within you – what greater romance could there be?

Sound and Spirit: Invite music into your life

“Live the life you were meant to live…"RomanceIt!"

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