Spiritual Bathing:
A cleansing of pure romance

Bathe yourself in pure romance!

Note: 'Special Greeting for Gentlemen only!'
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The story that I’m about to tell you describes my sacred moment of untainted romance…so hush down…get comfy…and listen up…

Droplets of pure romance…
I always had a special love for water, like a platonic love for a soul mate. Its mere presence transforms and calms me like no other element on earth. Whenever I sail or swim and feel the water caress my body, I am transported to a spiritual plain, a surreal existence where all is one with nature. I’m not sure if it’s the waves, the sky, or the air…or a blending of all three…that is so hypnotizing? Whatever it is, I love it and can never get enough of it.

You would expect such a water fanatic to be a bath fanatic as well, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, I have spent most of my life as a bathtub virgin. Yes, a BATHTUB VIRGIN! However, all of that changed a few months ago when Jay created an evening for me that I will remember for the rest of my life.

A map to pure romance…
One Friday night, I came home from work and saw a card lying on the kitchen table. I thought it was kind of odd since I knew that he was working late that night and hadn’t been home yet. Anyway, of course I picked it up and ripped it open impatiently. As I opened the card, a piece of paper fell out – it was a map. Yes, a map! And it looked as though it was a map of my own apartment. Now my curiosity was truly peaked! “What is this crazy, creative guy of mine up to now?”

An invitation to pure romance...
I continued to read the card. “Dear Madam, you are cordially invited to an evening of breathtaking seduction in the Aqua Quarters. Please follow the path of the rainbow flower petals and knock three times at the gate before entering. Your servant will have all the attire prepared, so please come as you are. Your presence is eagerly awaited.” My heart really began to pound hard now! I got kind of nervous and excited all at the same time. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it was time to go…and so I went.

Mazes of pure romance…
The hallway was dark, but I did see a bit of lavender light peaking out from behind the bathroom door. I couldn’t see very much but I did start noticing a trail of white and red rose petals leading toward the light -- it was a truly beautiful sight – peaceful, quiet, and sensual. I took my time walking because I really wanted to absorb everything that I was experiencing – every nook and cranny. As I got closer to the door, I heard a soft melody. I couldn’t quite make it out, but it was playing the strings of my soul.

Seduction of pure romance…
I came to the door, and as ordered, knocked three times “knock, knock, knock.” A moment passed and the door slowly began to open. It was Jay. My heart dropped to my stomach. He didn’t say a word, took my hand, and slowly placed me against the wall of the hallway – still not allowing me to come inside the ‘secret room'. Standing right in front of me, staring into my eyes, he began to unbutton my shirt. The shirt, the skirt, the panties, the bra, the pins holding up my hair…all dropped to the ground…and a soft, terry-cloth robe covered my shoulders. I was speechless. But stay with me, the best part is yet to come.

Aromas of pure romance…
Still holding my hand, he led me inside our ‘mini-castle’. What came next is almost indescribable. As I looked around the room, I saw various sizes of lavender and vanilla candles surrounding the room. The scent and glow was completely seducing me. As I looked to my right, I saw a tiny night light plugged into the socket highlighting a picture the two of us had taken only a few weeks earlier. I had never seen anything like it. As my eyes continued to circle the room, I realized that it was filled with lavender and lilac flower stems as well, with some of the petals floating effortlessly in the tub. While trying to absorb all that was around me, I then noticed a small wooden table standing in front of the bathtub. It had a bowl on it that had…., a brush…, oil…, cloth…, and a scroll tied with a red ribbon. I was extremely curious yet stayed completely quite -- deciding to let Jay lead the way.

The nakedness of pure romance…
After a few moments of silence, he gently removed my robe and invited me inside the sacred bath. I was hoping that he would step inside with me, but he said that for now, he would remain my servant. Holy shit! (Pardon the French). I know! I was dying…was this for real??? Believe it or not, it was. He washed me, scrubbed me, and combed my hair. He poured fragrant water over my body. He massaged me. He read ancient prayers to bless our love. And he performed a few other ‘servant’ duties which I think I’ll keep to myself – a girl does need a little privacy now and then. :-) Suffice it to say, it was an evening that I will never forget and one that I recommend for you to experience at least once in your lifetime.

The secrets of pure romance… The next day I asked Jay where he learned about all of these sacred bathing rituals and he told me that it was through a friend of his, Dan. Dan knew a woman (healer/shaman) in Belize who wrote a book about spiritual bathing. He said that it was one of the most fascinating books on the subject and gave it to Jay as a gift. Jay said that once he began reading it, he couldn’t put it down.

Bathing ritual, after bathing ritual, every description was more romantic than the next. He said that he just couldn’t help but to try it out…and lucky for me he did! And…lucky for you he did! Because now, I’m going to share with you the step-by-step process on how to set up one of these seductively romantic bathing rituals right in your own home. And in addition, I will also give you the name of the book so that you can have this information at your fingertips any time you want it. Yeah!!!...lets get started!

A Bath of Flowers: A step-by-step invitation to a night of pure romance and passion

1. Visualizing the theme of pure romance: All of us are unique human beings with our own fantasies and desires. It is important to choose a theme that is perfect for you. Think of the colors, textures, and decorations that you love and make them all part of your bathing ritual. Maybe you like the richness and power of the color red? Maybe you love the feel of the rough yet soft texture of velvet? Maybe you want to light your boudoir using crystals that reflect the moonlight instead of using candles? Any choice is ideal because it‘s your choice, so think about it, experiment, and remember you can try as many times as you’d like.

2. Picking the magical flower of pure romance: Choose a flower that you love. One whose vision sooths your soul and whose scent stirs your imagination. If you’d like to experiment with floral creations that you’re not familiar with, go to the flower names page or your zodiac sign page and you’ll have a slew of other possibilities. What’s important to remember as you’re picking the flowers is the ‘intention’ you want to accomplish with the bath. Do you just want to have a relaxing, romantic evening or an exotic, sleepless night? Do you want to relieve tension or create energy? Are you looking for emotional healing or physical revitalization? Whatever it is, have the intension in mind as you’re choosing your flower – it will allow the flower to absorb your thoughts and reveal your desires.

3. Organizing the Ritual Table of pure romance: Here you can also use your creativity. The only must is that you write or pick out a special intention, meditation, or prayer to read or recite while you are taking the bath. Performing this ritual during such a spiritually charged moment will help you manifest that wish in real life. On your ritual table, you will place your written scroll, tied loosely with a colored ribbon of your choice. You will also place one candle on the table to provide focus for your scroll and to support your theme (scent meanings can be found at the flower fragrances page). You will also have the flower of your choice either in a small vase or bowl filled with your magical water so that it can continue to live and blossom like you will. The rest of the table elements I leave for your imagination. You can have your favorite oil, brush, feather, or incense on the table…or anything else you plan and want to use during your spiritual bath. I want you to be the star of your own fantasy and hire any ‘actor’ that you feel might fit the part.

4. Preparing the Water Bath of pure romance: First, make sure that the flower(s) that you picked or bought have not been sprayed with insecticides. Also, be mindful of the amount of flowers that you use. Remember, that flowers are also god’s creatures and that we only need to use as many as we need without being wasteful. I also suggest that you keep your ‘intention’ in mind as you’re gathering your flowers and give thanks to them for the healing power that they will offer you.

Once you have collected your flowers, you are now ready to prepare the bath water. Take some of the flowers and place them in the sun for about three hours so that they dry a little (in the wintertime, you can use dried flowers). Then crush them and pour three quarts of boiled water over them and let them steep for about an hour. Once the water cools down a little, you can pour some of the water into the bathtub and leave the remaining water for pouring lightly over yourself or your significant other once you’re in the tub. Use some of the fresh petals to sprinkle over the water in the tub so that you can feel their moist flesh against your fingertips. So there you have it, your blessed water.

5. The Rest of the Ritual Belongs to You…Explore, Experiment, and Go Wild! Use Perfumes...Chocolates...Music...Wines...and anything else your heart desires to create that night of pure romance that you will NEVER forget. There's only one way to do it...and that is to RomanceIt!

* If you want to spoil yourself with other water-blessed rituals, take a look at Rosita’s book: “Spiritual Bathing – Healing Rituals and Traditions from Around the World,” by Rosita Arvigo and Nadine Epstein, published by ‘A Kirsty Melville Book’ in 2003.

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